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What do you think about the new James Cameron Avatar movie?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) December 18th, 2009

Just saw James Cameron new movie and I loved it. Such a great 3D work I never seen before on screen. Looks so real to my eyes. Am I the only one who think the same?

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Haven’t watched it. Probably won’t. The trailers looked less real than the first Jurassic Park.

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We’re going to see it tomorrow, heard it was awesome, can’t wait.
But this is from James Cameron, I mean he should probbaly be the president of TV. Besides Dark Angel.

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It’s amazing, I had the chance to go to the avant premier last night, is mind blowing

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From the reviews, I am excited to see it. It gets raves everywhere. I have asked my kids to hold the occasion open for me, so I can see it with them.

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I saw it in 3D last night. It was incredible. The world Cameron created was amazing to be immersed in.

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I haven’t seen it, but from what I can gather, it has the most cliche’ plot I have ever heard of. Or it’s just like Fern Gully on testosterone. No offense or anything of course.

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Hopefully, I’ll be seeing it at the Imax theater tomorrow.

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It has Jackson Rathbone in it, I am totally gonna see it.

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I think I bought tickets for IMAX and am now going to be snowed in so I can’t see it. :(

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@ubersiren That’s the hopefully part for me – if the roads are open.

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I’m disappointed. When I heard there was an Avatar movie I immediatly thought of Avatar the Last Airbender….. Would have prefered that over some weird blue people…. Wonder if they’ll have that Eiffel 65 song in it lol

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I usually wait for the movies to come out on DVD, but I am definitely going to see this one in the theater. I’ve heard that the special effects are unbelievable.

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I want to watch the movie but all the theaters will be packed right now

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Looks stupid.I’l l pass

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Long. Great, but long.

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It was incredible. See it in 3D, in IMAX if possible.

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By the way, great music! I do not think in terms of plot, but in terms of three dimensional viewing experience that adds to the cinema. It may be a movie to be written in the history papar of 3D.

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I might’ve been open to it if it weren’t for the overexposure that the film received on the TV show Bones.

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—Add: Those who are looking forward to the L. Lewis song will be dis-a-ppointed.

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@Zen_Again : I liked Leona Lewis song at the end of the movie.
You may hear it on youtube:

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@Ranimi23 I was sooooo snoozing after 2.5 hours that when I was woken up at the end I missed the song during the credits. Thanks for the link.

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Just got back from the cinema… WOW… I don’t think I’ll be able to watch a non 3D movie at the cinema again but not just were the effects good but I thought it was a good story too. And naked blue chicks were hot.

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I’m going to see it again. Need to check again all the great effects my eyes couldn’t catch at the first time :)

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I’m thinking I might go watch it again but I’ll got to the IMAX this time

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I want to take my kids to see it. I guess we should drive to a city, instead of watching it at the crappy little theater in Hudson.

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I was so disappointed in the plot that I actually left the movie. It’s a child’s story dressed up with just a bit of sexuality and a tad more violence.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard : you hit the nail on the head when you compared it to Ferngully.

It was just plain silly.

Great computer animation is not going to hold my attention. A great script will. This one was rubbish.

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You just need to lower your standards, Jake! :) There’s always a place you can set the bar that allows special effects to jump over it all by themselves…

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@HasntBeen : lol. I’ll remember that next time.

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I thought it was very good. Very entertaining, great special effects, See it in 3D.

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I saw it yesterday with 4 13-year-olds. They were riveted and so was I. We accidentally bought non-3D tickets, and now we all want to see it again.

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Ok, I admit that the plot was a bit preachy and unrealistic. Why would we think that the humans wouldn’t come back and whup some major butt? But part of watching any movie and enjoying it is the ability to suspend ones disbelief. Yeah, same Fern Gully type of theme. I know.
But the effects were FANTASTIC. I also thought the braid thing was a really cool concept, that whole interconnectedness thing made visible. I was also very proud of myself for recognizing CCH Pounder and Wes Studi through them makeup. I only wish I had been able to see it in 3D.

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A caution to anyone planning to see this thing: go early. We thought that getting to the theatre 1.5 hours before showtime was adequate to get a ticket…. not even close. Try buying the tickets in the morning for an evening show. In our ‘hood, every show on the weekends is sold out hours in advance for the 3d stuff, anyway.

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@HasntBeen that’s why I booked mine on the tinterwebs

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James Cameron did another film after “Titanic”? When?


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I haven’t seen the movie myself, however that doesn’t mean I should not explore other movies. I may like it after I see it.

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