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How long will my arm smell like my leather couch?

Asked by brittspace (47points) April 27th, 2011

Just bought a new leather couch. I’ve slept on it the last two nights.

Upon waking up I’ve found that my arm, and frankly whole body smells like leather couch.

How long will this last? Is there anything I can do to expedite not smelling like this?

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I should clarify that I take daily showers.

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Wash with a smelly soap (like lavender).

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Fall asleep in the bath tub!
Do you ever find change in the crook of your elbow? Do people try to sit on you? Do you have my remote????

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@marinelife, myself or the couch?

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You can try bathing in water with a little vinegar or lemon juice in it. Or tomato juice – they say tomato juice will remove skunk smell, so I’d imagine that leather smell would be no match for it.

@brittspace – I think @marinelife meant wash yourself, not the couch.

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@Seelix, realized immediately afterwards =)

I’d like to make modifications to my couch, not my bathing techniques.

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Here is an article on how to remove the smell of leather. From the furniture, that is.

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Make love to a beautiful and intoxicating sweet smelling woman…

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@brittspace Your choice, but if it was me I would wash myself. The soap might wreck the leather.

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“Fall asleep in the bath tub!”

Hahahaha!! It’s why I love you so, Lucy!!

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Don’t shower and sleep on the couch; then it will smell like you.

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How manly! I think leather is a great smell . . . no need to fix anything!

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Do other people think you smell like leather couch? Perhaps the smell is only obvious to you, and because you’re sleeping on the couch the memory of the scent has been imprinted on your brain.

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I can see the movie now “Scent of a Couch.”

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