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How do I get rid of this concrete slab in my backyard?

Asked by radcliff (253points) April 28th, 2011

I have a 15 foot by 15 foot concrete slab that I need to break up and get rid of. It is all cracked and the slab slopes down towards my house. i do not think it has rebar in it for some reason.
How do I do this myself?

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First question is why is it there to begin with? Did or does it have a purpose? Somebody poured this concrete for a reason. We will go with an answer, as soon as we learn the purpose of the concrete slab.

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Rent a jackhammer. It is brutal work but it will break it up into small enough pieces that you can carry away. *Note: I’m a small guy (140 pounds) and after about 5 minutes using one I am ready to vomit.

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It is in my back yard. It is the slab right outside my back door. It is useful but needs to bereplaced with eithera new slab or a nice rock patio area with pavers or something that is less likely to crack. My next question will be related to how does one lay pavers.
@math_nerd So, should I assume that a jack hammer will re-arrange my intestional tract?

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A sledge hammer and a large pry bar are the right tool for the job.

Give it a couple of good slams and it will crack into manageable pieces. Put the pry bar in the cracks and pry them up.

I did a similar job on the cool deck surrounding my backyard swimming pool for a major renovation last summer. HINT: Let the sledge hammer do the work!

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No slab too big or small.

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Hire someone to bust it out for you.

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15×15 is a pretty good amount of concrete. if you are going to do it yourself, be prepared for some hard sledge hammering. Then be prepared for the work and finding a place to remove it to.
Check out the prices for someone else to remove it for you, the cost of renting a jack hammer.
Sit down and make out a pro’s and con’s list for all your available options.
Once you do that one choice may seem better.
Make an informed choice based on YOUR options.

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Don’t use a sledge hammer on something that size unless you really want to do it the hard way. As was mentioned above, rent some kind of rotary hammer that runs on electricity. And a wheelbarrow. Believe me it will still be hard work but at least you will look smart while doing it. That slab is going to create a shitload of rubble, all broken up, so be sure your city’s sanitation dept will carry it all off for you. They may ask you to make other arrangements to haul it off.

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I’m with @YoBob A sledge hammer and a pry bar and a good swinging arm. It’s hard work but my friend’s 63 year old mother took out a sizable concrete slab that way.

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I would hire someone to bust it up and put the new patio in. You will need several people with sledgehammers, wheelbarrows, a dumpster, and and a dumping permit. Then the site will need to be leveled out, have sand and lay pavers. Unless you have nothing better to do, it is so much better to pay someone to come with a crew of manual labor workers to make short work of the task.

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You can rent electric 90 lb. jack hammers pretty cheap and do most of the breaking in one day. A pick ax is real handy for prying the chunks loose but do plan on there being wire mesh reinforcing. Also check with your waste hauler about how much concrete you can put in whatever bin you plan on putting it in. Nothing is more unfun than having to take out a good portion of the concrete you put so much effort in to putting in there.

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