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Do you like cucumbers?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19031points) April 28th, 2011

I just found out a close friend of mine whom I spend tons of time around likes cucumbers. I find this very, very strange for her (she’s not exactly the type who spends lots of money at Whole Foods salad bar.) But, perhaps this is simply because I don’t really care about them one way or the other unless they’re pickled, smothered in salad dressing, or otherwise dressed up.

So what about you? Do you like them? Do you like them pickled? Dipped in ranch or blue cheese dressing? Only in salads? Only raw? Would you eat them in a boat, would you eat them in a moat?

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Love ‘em, love ‘em. No matter how I meet them, I love them. I can eat a half a cucumber with just a sprinkle of salt, and I’d rather have that than a candy bar. Believe it or not, I felt the same way when I was a kid.

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I adore cucumber slices in a salad or as a snack, especially with a dash of seasoning salt. The problem is that, for some reason, they make me burp. Why is that?

And yes, I like them pickled, too. My sister used to make the best pickles. Tonight’s dinner, a turkey and swiss sandwich, had Claussen garlic pickle slices on it.

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Omg a home grown cucumber has so much flavor I will grow enough that I have plenty that I can pick them and eat them plain right from the garden. I love a good cuke!!! Yum Yum!!! You don’t know what you are missing if you haven’t had a freshly grown cucumber, try going to a farm and picking some up this summer and having one with out the dressing and you will know what I mean.

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You don’t have to be adventurous or a salad lover to like cucumbers. They don’t taste like much….mostly water….and they aren’t really that exciting. But yes I like cucumbers. In salads they kinda get lost but I do enjoy them when they are fresh, sliced and with a little bit of salt. Yum.

And did you know they’re a fruit?!

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I like them pickled, plain, or in salads. They’re just so refreshing; one of the most refreshing thirst-quenching fruit out there.

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@deni Of course it’s a fruit. It has seeds encased in meat. Thus, fruit. As are eggplants and tomatoes.

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@deni See, I don’t usually like foods that taste like nothing. Cucumbers I’m neutral on, celery I’m against alone but love with things, chicken I hate (really, it’s a whole thing with me), and tofu I think is basically manipulative chicken.

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I don’t like them, or dislike them. My grandson’s love them, as does my husband.

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Well, there are cucumbers and then there are cucumbers. How does your friend choose them? They have a reputation as being a Man replacement. Does she look for firm, not too bent and a nice length?

myself, I always think I want cucumbers and then find them disappointing. Watery, tasteless. not as great as some people say they are.

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@chocolatechip I know but it’s just shocking when you realize because it’s green and crunchy and mainly in salads…....without thinking about the seeds you just think “vegetable” OR I DO.

@MyNewtBoobs I hate celery. Waste.

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wait what.

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@Blueroses She chooses them solely for eating – she has more than enough dildos to replace men (and her usual preference, women, for that matter).
I’m actually trying to find cucumbers for pickling because, in addition to growing a garden, I’m taking on pickling things this summer. However, I’ve just found out that I can’t use grocery store cucumbers, so it’s a bit tricky.

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I got confused by @Blueroses response…
but yes, I like eating cucumbers… especially with feta cheese.

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I like @Blueroses response and I like cucumbers and I like @Blueroses cucumber, too.

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Cucumber sandwich ☑ +salt=yum
In sushi ☑ Hey, it can’t always be just fish.
Pre-dinner snack ☑ There’s one slice too many! Darn. [Nom nom nom.]
In a random sandwich ☑ What’s that crunching noise? Oh cucumber.
Salad ☑ Light and basic homemade dressing.

I’m not particularly wild about them but they’re ok. Plus they’re cheap.
Cooking them is usually a mistake. IMO

Picked? No. But my dad grew up on pickles so… I don’t know, karma?
(“Sex Toy?” Not for me, thanks.)

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I will say this for cucumbers: They are really, definitely, truly amazing in spa water. Mmmmm… spa water.

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@everephebe I do like them in sushi, so long as they aren’t a cheap replacement for avocado. Vegetables are so political!

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Why would it be surprising that someone likes cucumbers? They don’t have a very strong taste, so they don’t seem to be offensive to many palates. It’s one of those vegetables (ok, it’s a fruit) that most kids will eat without objection.

I like them salted, and I like cucumber & onion salad, and I like just about all kinds of pickles.

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@augustlan I’m only surprised with her, because I usually know her pretty well (and especially her eating habits). I never see them over at her place, or any other salad-type foods, and I raid her fridge at least twice a week. She’s normally more of a fruit, tuna-helper, ethnic food, doritos, and meat type of gal – veggies in general are pretty rare in her house.

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@MyNewtBoobs Speaking of spas, ever seen Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day? [go to 1:19 in the trailer]

Oh wait you said Spa water, well still… it’s a funny clip.

v [Edit: Changing answers… that never happens. :D ] v

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@everephebe Clearly, you should ask me again in a day, because my answer will have changed ;)

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I love them in salads and for cooling spicy or hot food, especially Thai.

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I love cucumbers. When I was at junior school, we went on a trip to Belgium (I think France was too expensive!) and for lunch, the hotel made us sangers including cucumber sangers (we were English kids after all) and nobody else wanted their cucumber sangers so I got them all. I felt a bit sick after eating lots of them.

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@Bellatrix ‘Sangers’? What are they?

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They are Aussie slang for sandwiches. Sandwiches are also sometimes called “sangos”.

D’ya want a vegemite sanger or sango?


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@Bellatrix Thanks mate! And I’ll take a cucumber and vegemite sanger please.

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I love cucumbers, they are one of my favorite veggies. I like them in salads, I would do a back flip for a good dill pickle,cucumber sandwiches, or marinated in oil and vinegar with some onion slices and salt and pepper. Yum.

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I love cucumber, as it is, or pickled, in a salad or on its own, with just a little salt or a big dollop of cream cheese.

Cucumber was the first vegetable my daughter would eat.

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Every day – with tomatoes, onions and lettuce. I thought everyone did.

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@zen Maybe it’s a regional thing?

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For sure.


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@zen Did you know that your new name is formatted so that instead of appearing in red and becoming a link, it italicizes it?

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I myself do not, the wife on the other hand, gobbles those buggers up ;¬}

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My workers plant a garden every summer and at lunch we are always narfing on cucumbers right off the vine. Only a tomato off the vine beats a cuc! YUM!

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I’m indifferent to them. I don’t dislike them but I also don’t find them terribly exciting!

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I’m not a vegetable fan. I’m a pretty picky eater. But I like cucumbers. They’re pretty inoffensive.

I don’t know that I’ve ever had cooked cucumber – why would anyone cook it?

And I hate vinegar, so therefore I hate pickles.

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@MyNewtBoobs It’s cuz I’m either special/fluther hates me already and is hinting.

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I hate cucumbers. They’re so bland and watery. I also hate pickles, but I like sweet relish.

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I love cucumbers. I love any kind of pickle from sweet, to sour, to gherkins to Kosher dills, plus sweet and regular pickle relish. I especially love cucumber in tzatziki, the Greek yogurt dip that they serve with falafel. It’s also good for dipping any kind of raw vegetables or chips. Here’s a recipe for tzatziki

I read somewhere that men and women are attracted to particular scents, and women seem to like the scent of cucumber and men like the scent of vanilla. Here’s a little article that talks about that

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@zen Hate to break it to you, but I think it’s the second one. I think it’s time for a new one, again.

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@Kardamom I’ve heard that, too, but it’s always made me wonder about how true it is because of the male vs female split, instead of “some people” – especially since I’ve never heard anyone, male or female, list “cucumber” in their favorite scents. Lavender, lilac, orange blossom, pumpkin, cookie dough, fresh apples, sandalwood, sure, but never cucumber. I’ve also heard the same male/female thing about lavender and licorice, even though a TON of people hate licorice in all forms.

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@MyNewtBoobs When I first heard about this phenomenon about women liking the scent of cucumbers (which I would not have listed as a favorite either) me and one of my co-workers did a little secret experiment. I brought cucumbers every day for a week and then watched what happened in the lunch room. We didn’t say anything to anyone, we just ate our lunch like usual. The women that came in, indeed did swoon and say how yummy they smelled. Most of the men either didn’t notice the scent at all or thought it smelled bad.

We didn’t try the experiment with the vanilla and the guys, though. It seems to me that everybody likes the scent of vanilla, because it’s usually associated with baked goods.

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Love ‘em! I grow them in my garden and they get so HUGE! I make pickles I eat them raw, I eat them in salads, I just love them all together! I’d eat ‘em on a boat, I’d eat ‘em in a moat!

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@Stefaniebby Do you have any easy recipes for making pickles, that doesn’t involve pressure cookers or sterilizing mason jars? Just something that you could make fresh pickles to eat in a day or 2 and just keep them in a regular covered bowl or jar. I love to cook, but canning does not enter into my picture at all. I’m more like a Rachel Ray kinda gal rather than a Martha Stewart. Needs to be quick and easy and still taste great!

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Oh I would love the pickle recipe too @Stefaniebby. The possums don’t like cucumbers.

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Cucumber FTW!!

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yes; esp picked fresh with salt. I also like them really cold with salt. They’re good but not fantastic.

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@Kardamom @Bellatrix I believe that so long as you have a dishwasher, you can easily sterilize the jars, and then you don’t have to worry about the long canning pressure cooker process – just pop it all in a freshly sterilized jar and you’re ready to go.

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This question inspired me to have a thick layer of cucumber slices on my salad tonight with dinner. Just thought I’d say so. :)

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@MyNewtBoobs I’m very sensitive you know. You could be more gentle.

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@zen Aw, and here I thought you liked it rough ;)

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@MyNewtBoobs Dr. J says it’s been a day, so has your answer changed?

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@everephebe Muwahahahaha!!!! Yes, yes it has.

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@Kardamom @Bellatrix I don’t have any recipes for pickles that are quick :/ My mother taught me the loooong (very bad smelling) process. But Rachel Ray has a five minute recipe!! Here’s a link , If you do make some pickles this way let me know how it works out for you!

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@Stefaniebby Thanks, I’ll check it out. I appreciate the way Rachel Ray cooks, not too complicated, drawn out or time consuming, and her stuff tastes good! I’ve really embraced her “dump bowl” method. I used to spend a lot of time walking back and forth to the trash can or immediately putting stuff down the disposal. Now I use the bowl and empty it out after I’m finished. Why didn’t I think of that???

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No, I want your recipe :D (if it works and is wonderful I don’t mind taking the time). I made pickles once, and they were horrible. So, if you have a wonderful recipe for cucumbers that works, and it isn’t a family secret, please share.

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