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Today is Sandwich Day, how will you celebrate?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) November 3rd, 2009

On this great holiday, what kind of sandwich will you make and how many? Will you have a sandwich making competition? What is your favorite sandwich? When will eat your sandwich(es)?

Happy Sandwich Day!

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Big bowl of soup!

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Ohh, so that’s why there’s a sandwich day in the cafeteria.
I don’t really like cold sandwiches, like they have, so I guess I’ll have grilled cheese.

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one of those huge doughnut sandwiches with 80 grams of fat?

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Hmmmm…maybe I’ll stop by Subway in honor of this great holiday.

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I’m going to have one of my favorites, a peanut butter and jelly, for lunch. In fact, in commemoration of this fine day, I’m going to eat two of them. For dinner, I’ll have a roast beef sandwich and tuna sandwich to make the day complete.

My all time favorite sandwich is a BLT. I’m going to go make one of those for breakfast right now.

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a veggie delight at subway :)

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Oooh, I think I’ll go to the Blue Ribbon BBQ joint up the street and get a North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich.

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Good to know, thanks for the heads up. I think I will have a ham and swiss on rye, heated in the toaster oven, with lots of lettuce and mustard (that is the only sandwich stuff I have in my fridge right now). If I were in NYC I would go to Stage deli and have a Pastrami on Rye, in FL it would be at Too Jays.

@cprevite Is that pulled pork with the vinegar??

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@cprevite One of the better things about living in NC. YUM!

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I can’t really eat sandwiches, but I do have a taylor ham, egg, and cheese “burrito” in a low-carb tortilla in the fridge for later.

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Tuna sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato. A BLT with tuna, if you will! It will be on a toasted submarine roll. There may also be cheese and a little bit of onion involved.

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I love panera breads chicken cesar sandwich delicious!!
and the simple bologna and lettuce maybe some cheese sandwich

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PB&J on rye, but we’ll dance around the staff room together before I eat it.

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I think I’ll celebrate with a sandwich! I’m thinking maybe salami…

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of course I brought soup today

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Say wha? <as she sits there while her Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich is deliciously displayed in front her, resting on her work desk>

Happy Sammich Day!


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@adri027: ”I love panera breads chicken cesar sandwich delicious!!
Oooh, me too!

@JLeslie: The guy (Jeff) who owns the Blue Ribbon is a transplant from North Carolina. is ribs are to die for.

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I’m going to eat a chicken-bacon-pickle-avocado sandwich. On a tortilla, naturally.

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Wait a minute…yesterday was national deviled egg day. Now today is sandwich day? Why am I always the last to know about these fabulous holidays?

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I think I’ll go to Panera Bread =)

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Mmmm… pickle and cheese sammich.

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I made an experimental sandwich. This mustard I bought, called Ben’s mustard ( and cream cheese. It was actually pretty amazing.

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Update: The sandwich was truly awesome. Might have one for dinner, too.

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hey now I have an excuse for going to subway!

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All this talk about panera bread has got my mouth watering. I will definitely be heading there in a couple hours to get their Sierra turkey sandwich :)

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After this question and the grilled cheese question, I think its time I get busy in the kitchen!

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Too late! I chose salad for lunch. Maybe I will have a nice™ corned beef sammich for supper.

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By getting a MoPac, It is my favorite sandwich from Whole Foods here in Austin.

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Sorry, I already ate chicken strips. Maybe next year.

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Yay! Other than pizza one of my favorite foods for sure.

I’m going to have grilled cheese/tomato sndwiches and the best square cut boardwalk fries at this little Mom and Pop restaurant to celebrate :)

yeah, notice the plural on that

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@mcbealer @erichw1504 Is there a pizza day?? I don’t want to miss that one.

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I just made a delicious double decker smoked turkey sandwich, I love this day.

Unfortunetly it was too big!

But I still ate it :)

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Every day is sandwich day at my house!

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@JLeslie~ pizza day… now you’re thinking!! me loves pizza!

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I didn’t even know, but I did have a chicken sandwich today.

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In honor of sandwich day, I have just consumed a delicious portabella mushroom sandwich with lettuce, cheese, and pesto aioli, and have taken a commemorative photo:

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@LC_Beta Yumm! (Sandwich porn; I love it.)

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I might commit murder for a nice ham, turkey, provolone on seedless soft rye with a little mayo. /drool

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I had ham, Muenster, and avocado on an onion roll for dinner

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I told my family about it and we had home-made subs. Mine had mayo, cheese, kielbasa and sauerkraut. It was deeelicious.

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I missed sandwich day, crap. Well, I would have made a grilled cheese and egg salad sandwich. In fact, I’m gonna make one anyway.

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@Capt_Bloth separately I hope

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@patg7590 no, no, no, they must be eaten together. Add the egg salad at the end, so it is still cool under the gooey cheese.

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excuse me while I wash my mouth out with turpentine

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@patg7590 you’ll just need to trust me on this.

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@Capt_Bloth I will try this and report back. If I die, that’s on you.

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There are two rules I live by:
1) Don’t cross the streams.
2) Never mix grilled cheese and egg salad.

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@patg7590 if you die, can I have your sandwich?

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@Capt_Bloth yeah, I hope you choke on it and die. Vicious Irony

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@patg7590 That’s terrible! It’d be better if @Capt_Bloth died slowly of food poisoning and explosive diarrhea.

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@erichw1504 that is exactly why you eat them fresh ;)
I never got around to making egg salad. But, in honor of post sandwich day, I did have a fried catfish sandwich.

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I may have missed the holiday, but a sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub is always good! :D

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I would make a chickhen strip sandwhich on seeded bread with cheese, garlic spread and lots of veggies, I would make 2 of them and enjoy them with the one I love.

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I love a good avocado, cheese and shredded lettuce sandwich on rye with mayo, mustard and pickles!

I used to make a really good “fake tuna” sandwich out of this product called Tuno by a company called Worthington, but they stopped making it several years ago. I was bummed because I used to use it in sandwiches and as a “fake chicken” replacement in burritos and enchiladas.

Egg salad is also really good when it’s prepared properly. I like it with the correct ratio of mayo to mustard (slightly more mustard than mayo), with pickle relish, green onions and chopped celery.

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Big bowl of soup. Two years in a row, quite by accident.

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