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What part of you hurts when you're stressed?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) May 1st, 2011

Too many people want your attention! Too many things to do! Too much time to do them!

Whatever it is that stresses you, where does it show up in your body? Headache? Dry mouth? Stomach upset? Sprout new limbs?

How does your body tell you you’re asking too much of it?

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I grow horns on my head.
Only joking :)
Well, I have this really bad headache and sometimes my eyes hurt too. I feel really lathargic and begin to wish I could go to sleep forever. This usually happens when too many people at one time, want me to do too many things at once. Also, exam stress and revision makes me feel suicidal.
Hormones play a part in it too.

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Usually my shoulders and neck tense up.

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My abdomen and lower back gets basically so wrapped tightly with butterflies that I often have dry heaving when I’m really stressed. All of my muscles tighten; my neck and shoulder muscles do so to the point of giving me tension/stress migraines.

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My head, of course, along with my stomach and possibly other muscle pains. Sometimes it’s hard to fully diagnose what the stress actually caused.

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@queenie Why revisions?

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@6rant6 Because of staring at a page too long I suppose. Scientific studies show that the brain begins to lose interest and therefore, shut down, after concentrating on one subject for more than 50 minutes.
My eyes get tired and my head feels like it’s been stuffed with cotton wool after revising.

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My jaw. I have TMJ.

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Also, the web of my hand gets really wound up and can cut down on my mobility to the point where I can have trouble opening soda bottles and doors.

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My neck and shoulders, sometimes my head hurts and/or my back…

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My boobs and my back.

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@KatetheGreat So what you really need is a boob & back massage? I think I could help you out there ;)

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My left foot. Nerve damage is of the sympathetic variety ergo increased stress (fight/flight flooding of adrenaline) results in increased pain . . .

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@MyNewtBoobs Pwease? I’ll give you one in return! Hahaha.

@Dutchess_III Yes. When I am stressed, they hurt very bad.

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@KatetheGreat I had a boyfriend who believed in giving back massages that would inevitable travel pretty far south. He was a brilliant sexual genius like that.

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@MyNewtBoobs I love a man that knows what he’s doing.

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@KatetheGreat Other men should learn from him. Not only did he know, technically, what to do, but he got how to be respectful and really got that no means no, which meant he got more in the long run. A lot more.

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My back where an old injury is.

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I hate that when a guy offers to give you a back rub and within 3 seconds he’s “sneaking” around the sides and stuff. Made me feel….pissed.

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When I’m just a little stressed, I get a migraine. When I’m severely stressed, I get a migraine and my entire body aches like I’ve got the flu.

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My head, shoulders, neck, eyes, and for some reason, my arms and fingers

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Neck, shoulders, tummy.

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Ankles and knees. I lock up and can’t walk.

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My jaw and chest….I grind my teeth when I get pushed to the edge. ;)

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I tend to end up with a stiff neck. I must tense up.

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My head and my heart.

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My eye jumps and throbs (either the right or left).

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Stomach. I always feel stress there first. Same now as when I was in grade school and worried about a test or assignment. Those stomachaches were real. (Thanks, Mum. xo)

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I get a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, yuck! I usually feel quite tired and worn out

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I have fibromyalgia, which is adversely affected by stress, so… every single inch of my body, from the top of my neck down to my toes. Sometimes I get tummy troubles, too. Bleh.

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my neck and head.

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