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Have any ideas about storing food storage containers?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) May 3rd, 2011

Plastic food storage containers have become a necessity in the kitchen, but how do you store them? I have a cabinet shelf free, but every time I open the door, they all fall out on the floor. They are different sizes and shapes because some times you have a little bit to save and sometimes a whole meal. I’m wondering about a way to hang them on a wall or something. Any suggestions?

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I bought one of those containers from Target that is basically an individual drawer enclosed in a box. (They come in different shapes and sizes.) I put that on one of my larger shelves in one of my bottom cabinets, and stored all of the storage containers in there. This link should show some different examples…

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Snapware mods (or airtight, or whatever they’re called now). Changed my life!

They are Cook’s Illustrated’s preferred plastic food storage container. I threw away all my old ones and bought a set.

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We use this system called Smart Spin that is a set of different sized (depth) containers that all use the same lids. There are “slots” for where the different sized containers fit, so they don’t fall out and then the whole thing is on a lazy susan, so you can turn it to get what you need, and the lazy susan part actually slides out!

We too got rid of most of our other “tupperware” but I also purchased a nesting set of 3 fairly large food storage bowls that I use for potlucks or if I have made some type of large salad like potato salad that needs to go in a bigger bowl. These particular ones look great, because I think they might actually be made of glass.

We also have a set of nesting pyrex corningware containers with glass lids for storing hot foods like mashed potatoes or roasted vegetables or for tomato sauce based dishes where you don’t want the plastic container to get stained.

So the key words are stackable and nestable.

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We store all of our food containers in a pull out drawer in the kitchen. We slot them into one another and build them as high as the drawer will allow for.

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I gave this a “good question” because my cabinet where the food storage containers are is a total disaster. most of what’s in there i can’t even access because it’s such a chore. yet everything in there is “good.”

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@jca I know just what you mean. That’s why I’m hoping to figure out something to hang on a wall that won’t require re-sorting every time I take something out or put something in.

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I just saw a commercial for some plastic containers that stack and it made me think about the cabinet I have this disaster in. It’s almost easier to put food on a plate and cover it with tin foil, rather than go into the disasterous cabinet. I am tempted to get rid of all of the plastic containers and just keep a few and save space.

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@jca They’ll pile up anyhow, no matter what you do. I found a neat four sided plastic basket that all my rectangular containers fit in. It’s light weight and I think I can rig a way to put it on the wall space I have. The round ones can then have the one cabinet shelf I have had for all of them.

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