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I ♥ you guys - is this the first time the icon has been used in a question?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) May 4th, 2011

The heart icon has officially joined the English language, and I am proud to use it here. Other newcomers are, of course, LOL and FYI but also BFF.

What acronyms are long over-due?

Should English, official Oxford English – not slang English – be including these acronyms and even some backronyms? (Look it up).

How do you feel about the (♥) icon being a part of the language – and what will happen in the future – more icons? Txtspk?

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We (heart) you to zen. How the heck did you get a heart to print?
I’d like to see someone flipping the bird added to a keyboard.

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Good question! Welcome to fluther! ♥ to you too!
Should they also include this :) ?

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Gasp! It’s joined the English language, and I don’t even know how to type it? I think it should be added to the standard English keyboard if that’s the case. :)

I can imagine Internet acronyms going into the dictionary no problem. The English enthusiast in me is disheartened a little, to see the English language marred by this kind of stuff, but I also think it’s important to keep language current to the times, even if it means adding things that shouldn’t necessarily be words. Although, I guess the fact that there are people who use such acronyms in spoken conversations outside of the Interwebz makes them legitimate. The internet is leaking!

Interestingly, looking through the OED online I did not find BRB listed, which kind of surprised me. IMHO/IMO was also not listed, nor BYOB, g2g, lmao, or even CD (although DVD is listed… hmm). Maybe the OED is out of date?

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You did it my be♥ed friend !

Now here’s your next challenge: Make it work as a part of the URL♥-you-guys-is-this-the-first-time-the/

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I hope not.

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I want a little jellyfish icon. :)

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Frizzer needs to be added to the dictionary.

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Not on my wish list. I still differentiate between bumper stickers and elegant use of English.
And who knows? Next “they” will make those icons wink, dance, stick out their tongues and wiggle their eyebrows.

Soon we can all use acronyms and pictographs. Y knot?

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Txtspk dun mke mi sownd lyke stoopid ideeot,

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No this isnt the first time

Im sure its been used before that too I just dont feel like searching :P

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I’m fine with it. Words have evolved haven’t they? It makes it easier I think.

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Sometimes it’s worrying. Yesterday I was messing around on a trivia site, and one of the questions was the ’‘language” category. They asked me to pick out from three definitions the proper one for ’‘w00t’’. I know what it means, but how the hell would you even pronounce that lol. Woot I guess, but they’re zeros. Zeros!

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I just want to know why everybody uses the shape of a woman’s vulva as the universal “heart” symbol….

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Aww, love you too zen :)
Come a little closer to the screen…. Mwah!

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The ♥ symbol has not been made part of the language, at least not more than it already is. All that has happened is that the OED Online has a new draft addition in the entry for “heart, v”. Here it is:

“trans. colloq. (orig. U.S.). To love; to be fond of.”

The first citation is from 1984:

“1984 About Helmet Visor Screws in net.cycle (Usenet newsgroup) 26 June, Joe ‘I heart my dogs [sic] head’ Weinstein.”

The ♥ symbol appears nowhere in the OED.

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Thanks guys!

@Adirondackwannabe I copy/pasted the icon.

edit: @erichw1504 – frizzer would be great!

@morphail: Read this

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that Telegraph article is quite simply not true. I looked at the OED Online, and the entry is for the word “heart”. There are no non-alphabetical symbols involved.

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@erichw1504 That’s not txtspk, that’s lolspk!

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@morphail I think the word heart has been around for a while. This is new – read up.


And here – end of conversation”:

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My point is that the symbol ”♥” is not in the OED. If you have a subscription to the OED Online, try searching for ♥. You will find nothing.

These articles are wrong when they say that a “graphic symbol” or “heart symbol” or “heart sign” has been added to the OED. The only thing that has been added to the OED is a new definition for the five-letter word “heart”.

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@zen , @Adirondackwannabe Alt+3. Hold down alt and press 3 while holding. The regular 3 on my keyboard didn’t work for some reason, I had to use the one on the key pad. ♥

I like this heart. I’ve been writing them like this: <3

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♥ cool


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@zen i miss you <3

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How much. In round figures.

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@zen 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Not more than that goofball ;)

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Less than three, of course a round figure would be 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679

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Time for bed.

I mean alone, jailbait.

Nighters allijellies.

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@zen go look out your bedroom window darlin. See me?

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Nope. Just the tooth fairy. Jailbait.

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if you have a laptop keyboard without a separate number pad, use Fn/Alt/L(the letter) ♥

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@Blueroses. I frikkin ♥ you 4 tellin me that ;)

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♥ that was an alt 3.

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Is there a way to manually enlarge the heart sign – without c/p?

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Does that work on Mac laptops as well or is it just for PCs ?

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Sorry @Buttonstc, it doesn’t work for Macs. They have a different set of optional characters. I think the only way for you to insert a heart is through the character palette or copy/paste.

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Oh well…
Thanks for the info.

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