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Are there girls out there completely unafraid to share gassy stories?

Asked by Mr_Saturn512 (513points) May 5th, 2011

I figured it would be interesting to see how many girls would do so. Considering there’s that gender stereotype that girls find burping and farting gross, etc, etc. Just openly share your loudest, longest, most relieving burp and/or fart story.
Also feel free to ramble about your thoughts on girls who think it’s gross or how society deems it gross/taboo.

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Belching I can deal with…I have a older brother after all.

Farting…okay it happens, but I not into joking about it…it doesn’t have to be mentioned in mixed company, as far as I’m concerned…sorry, I work in a classroom of mainly teenage guys, and I’m a little tired of flatulence comments…:)

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I’m a vegetarian so I fart all the time. I work with two vegetarians, one male and one female. We compare farts and alert each other of our farts. My manager, the female, will go, “hold it!” and fart, and then say, “Okay, we’re good.”

My boyfriend is none too thrilled with farting. He hates it when he farts and he hates it when I fart. I am trying to desensitize him. I laugh when he farts. He makes a face and goes “blech!” when I fart. We’re working on it.

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I don’t fart. :)

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Yeah, okay, @Jude! Everyone does every once in a while…

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Girls don’t fart or pee or poop!

OMG the horror…

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I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) you really want me to go into some of my gassy stories? ;) The worst part is sleeping at someone’s house and really needing to do a house-shaking trump, but knowing you can’t. ;D

I can handle farting/belching, I just prefer it when people excuse themselves afterwards.

And as for girls not liking that kind of thing…me and my best friend hang out and go on Gross, but in a way, fun. She’s also the only person I’m comfortable farting/belching around, apart from my family.

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I was in high school and into gaming with a group of boys. I mean D&D,,,, We arranged an over night at a members house. I was the only girl. We spent a terrific night gaming with two of our best DM’s. Then we all got tired. We packed into our individual sleeping bags and the pillow talk started. (the guys were all a year or more younger than me…) After some giggles and reminiscing about the great quotes from the evening, it got quiet. Then… one of the younger guys asks me, ‘You’re a girl, right?’ (I laugh).... he ask ‘Do girls fart? Like when they’re in school or walking down the hall? I know I do… and I just wondered if girls do that….’ Everyone but me bursts into laughter…. and I just look at him very seriously… ‘No, Scott, we don’t fart. We just blow up when we’re 40.’

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I’ve been doing a cleanse with fiber and herbs for over two months now so yea… [fart]

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@lookingglassx3 Well, why not share some stories? xD

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@Facade Booty trumpet!

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@Jude You have no idea. I think the bigger the ass, the bigger the gas haha!

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I have two teenage sons and a husband who doesn’t give a shit what others think of him, so there’s lots of farting going on in our house. I lost the embarrassment of farting in front of my husband a long time ago. Plus, have you ever seen (or heard) a woman give birth? fart fart fart

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@Mr_Saturn512 ;D Well, once we were sat in class, and I reaaaally had to let one go, but I was like, “No, I can’t. Not now.” But it wouldn’t budge, I mean, it got to the point where I could feel it slipping out. Thankfully, it was a silent one, but it really did live up to the term ‘silent but deadly’. The girl sat next to me started holding her nose and the girl next to her said she was going to “throw up” at the smell. I just had to sit there and pretend to be disgusted with the smell too, holding my nose, as if it wasn’t me who’d caused it. ;D

Also, in my first year of school, I let one go in class. The girl in front of me turned around and stared at me; I got so embarrassed I just nodded at the teacher, signalling her to pay attention. She just shook her head and nodded at me; I think she thought I was attempting to blame it on the teacher or something.

Whenever I suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, my dad also says, “I know why they call it Irritable Bowel Syndrome…it’s because your bowels end up irritating everyone else!”

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@Facade: I challenge you to a farting contest.

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I’m a vegetarian and I eat a lot of fiber filled foods. I don’t fart in public unless I’m in a large crowd or in a loud place. But when I do fart, it’s about as loud as a tornado siren.

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I once had a loud fart in the middle of 7th grade math. We were having a test so the room was silent. I really had no idea it was coming – it surprised me as much as anyone else. No one said anything, but everyone started talking about it at once and laughing at me the minute the test was over. I was sooo shy at the time. I could have died – especially since the boy who was bound and determined to make me miserable was in that class.

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Let’s just say that there’s at least one thing that strips the sexiness out of exploring Kama Sutra positions.

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I just got out of work with my farting vegetarian manager. We informed each other of every fart and, surprisingly, couldn’t smell each other’s farts. We are champion farters.

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This answer is given from a mans situation, involving a date with a girl.

My date, apparently had beans for lunch. I knocked on her door and walked in to take her to my car. She was loaded with gas. She tried to release gas at the closet, while retrieving her coat. That did not work. I opened the car door for her and she sat inside and released a mini-lasar bomb of body gas. I opened my door and sat down. I then looked over and told my date, “Peggy, this is Bob and Jill and we are double dating tonight”. My date turned five shades of red and said very little for the rest of the night.

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My friend and I used to laugh and carry on about farting when were 15 or 16. We would fart and judge each others farts, much like I assumed boys did. I don’t know. Once I was sitting on the edge of her waterbed, the wooden side and farted this sharp, hot fart. It literally hurt. We laugh about that to this day.

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