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What's stopping you?

Asked by bob_ (20236points) May 6th, 2011

I saw Limitless earlier this week. In short, the film is about a writer who is given a drug that unleashes the full potential of his brain, enabling him to do what he has wanted to do. Cool movie, y’all should see it.

Now, I’m no expert on how the brain works, but I’m pretty sure that we have enough power as it is to do some things that for one reason or another we don’t. What’s stopping you? Is it fear? Frustration? Family issues? Are you waiting for something else before you act? Has being in a comfort zone dimmished your drive?

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I usually say my health, which has a bit of truth to it but is largely an excuse. The biggest thing is really fear, of failure and of getting out of my comfort zone.

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Nothin’! Living the dream!

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@Mariah The “comfort zone” is not all that comfortable, is it?

@nikipedia You go, girl!

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Right now, pregnancy is stopping me from working. We just moved a few weeks ago and since I’m due in 6 weeks and was obviously very pregnant when we got here, I didn’t bother trying to find a job before I would need to go out on maternity leave. Once I have the baby, I’ll be job hunting and then going back to work. I miss working. :-(

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Lack of money, kids, husband, location… oh wait, those are all excuses which could be overcome. I guess it is just me and my fear of failure then.

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Raising my kids…after that…the sky’s the limit and I be flying! ;)

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Fear, anxiety, and being fucking broke.

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Nothing has ever stopped me from going after what I really wanted my entire life. So far as Iknow, I never resorted to unfair tactics, but if I really wanted it, I went after it hammer and tongs. I always figured life was too short to NOT go after that which you truly desire.

Hmmm. I wonder what would have happened if I had been at all interested in becoming wealthy? : )

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This may sound dumb, but stopping me from what?

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I’d quite like to be an international jewel thief, (like dem fellas you see in Bond movies & stuff….neanderthal laughter) What’s stopping me however is the little matter of competence. I’d be totally shit at it, guilt complex probably. Oh & I don’t like the idea of prison much either, those gangsta types would scare me…..a lot!

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@Facade From doing whatever you’d like to do, but aren’t doing.

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Oh ok… I’m stopping me for the most part. Also, a lack of money.

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Insecurity, so fear.

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Having no money is pretty much stopping me from doing everything I want to be doing.

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Fear and lack of confidence.

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Age and relative infirmity. Otherwise I’d be doing high kicks in a Broadway show and belting out funny lyrics. In my next life I’m going to start dancing at 10 instead of 50 something.

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Thinking too much stops me from doing a lot of things I probably should do. But somehow, whenever I think too little, things go awfully.
I think I’ll continue thinking too much, as the alternate is worse than boredom.

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Fear of failure and paranoia.

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Insecurity. I always feel like, “they’ll never hire me for that awesome job. My credentials are crap.” I want to go back to school but I’m afraid of never finishing, even though that’s ridiculous- if I never start, obviously there’s no way to finish. I also want to move south, somewhere by the water, but I have relatives who don’t get around well and need my help fairly often. I have to stick within decent driving distance of where I am.

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My arthritic right knee keeps me from walking more, and participating in the sports that I used to.

I’m considering prolotherapy for my knee, so that I can walk with comfort again. I’m sure that my running days are long gone, unless there’s some near-miraculous new therapy or technology in the near future.

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The unknowledge of how the brain really works and our fear of finding out.

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