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Is there a story or an event that you wish the mainstream media covered, instead some of what they have covered?

Asked by Brian1946 (29552points) May 6th, 2011

I haven’t seen any coverage of this story at all in the “lamestream” media (I realize the source of the term, but sometimes for different reasons I think it fits).

Couldn’t the mainstream media have given at least some time to reporting the above linked story and just a little less to e.g., the royal wedding?

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Well, anything would’ve been better than the royal wedding.
And I am repulsed by this news. Thank you for sharing this, Brian (I’ve been getting tired of Osama’s death). More people have to see how messed up our “justice” system can be.

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I agree with the propaganda model developed by Chomsky and Herman, so I think the whole thing is a complete mess.

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Yes, the media should have spent more time on this story and less on the royal wedding…not to mention all of the hardship down South with all of the tornadoes and ensuing loss of life…

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I think they should report helpful things, like how a person saved a childs life, or helped clean up a park in their town, things like that, instead of giving the gorey details into murders and horrible things like that.

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That the US in debt for an an amount of money than no honest civilization can pay.

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That’s why they won’t talk about it, @josie…they’re in denial…

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