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What is the correct spelling and meaning of luftather ?

Asked by SeaTurtle (1179points) May 7th, 2011

I’m watching a documentary where an old man says he was luftather. I understand that this is some part of the socialist nazi hierarchy but im looking for the correct spelling so i can google it please.

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He probably said “luftwaffe,” which is German for ‘air force.’

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I am guessing luftwaffe as well.

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Thank you @morphail and @Mamradpivo . I appreciate it. I feel a little uneducated and humbled for not knowing. Thanks again

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fyi the documentary is Lois theroux weird weekends on south Africa

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@SeaTurtle No worries. And don’t feel un-anything. If you don’t have much experience with German, why on earth would you know aviation terms?

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It’s an anagram of at fluther, which is fairly appropriate.
Just thought i’d say that for no good reason :¬)

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@SeaTurtle, I’m giving you bonus points for having the courage to display your ignorance for the worthy purpose of remedying it. You asked for the spelling so you could look it up and learn more. Don’t ever let yourself feel ashamed of that motive.

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