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Which item you would never buy secondhand?

Asked by rebbel (32003points) May 8th, 2011

From what things you can not understand that other people buy it secondhand on, lets say, Ebay or Craigslist (or similar sites in your home country).
And that same item, would you feel ashamed, or not, to put it for sale on those sites.
My girlfriend suggested some months ago to buy a secondhand mattress, but that is something I would never do.
Wouldn’t put it for sale either.

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knickers – erugh!

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Toilet paper.

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@sakura And if they were washed beforehand?
@lucillelucillelucille And if they were washed beforehand?
@cockswain And if it was washed beforehand?

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Undies, shoes (everyone walks differently in shoes), I agree with OP a mattress, bras, bathing suit, and @rebbel even if all were wahed before hand

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Washing thongs drastically reduces their value on ebay.
Ewww, people are freaks.

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Anal dildos
But there is one thing you MUST buy second hand:
schoolgirls’ panties

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Yup! Sorry even if they were washed the answer would be NO THANK YOU!

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Like @sakura, @lucillelucillelucille and @creative1 have already said, underwear. OMG there is just NOT enough yuk in the world and no @rebbel NOT even if they were boiled, bleached and blow torched beforehand <shudders>. OMG OMG <goes off to rock quietly in a corner>

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Chewing gum

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Just when I thought nothing could make me go eeeewwwwwww any more than undies…. LOL <throws hugs for @ucme> <goes back to rocking in my corner> lol

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vibrators and any other sex toys

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@bunnygrl Who loves ya baby?
Actually that’s another item i’d not buy second hand, lollipops!! I always get the fuzzy end see ;¬}

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Tub of KY jelly as used by Mary Jane Rottencrotch XD

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@ucme I am trying to picture how someone goes about reusing a condom, do they rinse it out and hang it on the line to dry, then pray it doesn’t bust on re-entry?? LOL

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@ucme LOL LOL LOL brilliant!!! am literally laughing my head off here :-)

I LOVED Telly Savalas and don’t go telling everybody but I bought a copy of his single with my pocket money when I was a little girlie, I was soooooooooooooooo smitten. Just listened to it again and it still makes me squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!! lol.

I mean….what a MAN!! they do not make them like that anymore unfortunately <falls over with a thud from a case of the vapours>
ps: don’t tell Alan I said that… he’ll get jealous!!

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Speedos, snorkels, lip gloss, toothbrushes and butt plugs! ;)

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@creative1 I’m guessing they burst the bubble of the unfortunate wearer second time around :¬(
@bunnygrl XD What was the name of that bloody song baldy head sang? Well he actually talked his way through it didn’t he? I must know, please tell me :¬)

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LOL click here to see and hear the wonderfulness of it all over again :-) It was called “if”
huggles xx

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@bunnygrl Wow, my jaw just dropped with such force I almost knocked my keyboard skew wiff XD
Thanks for the reminder :¬)

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Sex toys
Leather shoes

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Pants. I always assume that they’ve gone commando.

Really, the rule is: If it probably touched your bare pelvis, then the answer is no.

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Sumo wrestlers jock strap! Ahh-soles!!

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@rebbel I’m not checking! XD

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Hypodermic needles.

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Given the bed bug infestation going on the US, I would not buy any used upholstered furniture or mattresses. I also would not buy a used stove or refrigerator.

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@WasCy yep. Stores like “Building #19” and “A Little bit of Everything” I’d never buy food. Or ebay or whatever.
As far as shoes go, since I like shoes a lot, I’d buy them used but not really used, just lightly. It wouldn’t bother me—we’re all human.

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Toilet seats.

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They won’t make yours any bigger :P

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Now that I’ve experienced it, I wouldn’t even buy Telly Savalas recordings first-hand.

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Shoes, mattresses, underpants, bras.

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Outdated and dried out condoms.

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@ragingloli, “But there is one thing you MUST buy second hand:
schoolgirls’ panties.”

Link please.

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Sex toys.

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Mattresses, toothbrushes. Everything else? Bleach it. lol

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@Aster even sex toys?

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Most clothes can be boiled and bleached for reuse.

There are ways to clean even a mattress.

Shoes indeed can not be cleaned enough so it’s better to avoid buying them.

Though I don’t understand why one would put a toothbrush for sale [ maybe it was used by M.J. and that’s the reason one wants it but not for use just for a collectors item ]

The toilet paper comment made me laugh .. I don’t even want to picture that ideea [ lol ]

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Bar soap.
Bath towels

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