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Can anyone find my posting on craigslist, or just people in my specific area?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) August 21st, 2009

when i go onto craigslist, i have to pick a specific area to search ads, what if someone outside my area is selling exactly what i want?! will i never know unless i click back and then go through all 50 states!? lol

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Anyone searching posts from your area should be able to see your ad. If it’s a goofy ad, it might make it to the best of, where people all over the oplace can see it. is that what you were asking? I’m not really sure I understand your question!

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@scamp i have something up for sale on there now….and its in the “north jersey” section of NJ. what if someone in NY, or texas or anywhere else wants it, or even wants to know that its available! how will they ever see it? unless they click each state and search individually in every section of every state and country!

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For San Diego Craigslist, if you post in “North County [San Diego]”, people browsing Central/East/South County, or just San Diego in general, will be able to see those postings.
New Jersey is only double the size of SD county, so that system will probably be the same.
As far as someone from Texas seeing it? I believe they’d have to select New Jersey in order to see it.

Craigslist typically is based on local people trading things locally, unlike eBay where people are doing thousands of international/interstate trades a day. So you’ll likely only get people who live in NJ, or people who live near NJ and happen to wonder “Gee what’s for sale on New Jersey’s craigslist?”

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I can go to North Jersey’s craigslist and view the things they have for sale. It is open to the entire internet…

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@futurelaker88 If you are asking if a friend can see your ad specifically, they would probably have to look in the North Jersey section to find it. I think they have it divided into sections so that people can see what’s available in their area of the country and don’t have to worry about shipping or long distance sales so much. BTW, I’m in Jersey too. Central Jersey that is. What are you selling?

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@scamp – something that isnt ideal to be selling locally lol. i would put it on ebay if my paypal wasnt “suspended” due to lack of shipping of michael jackson tickets because he died. um..yea its a master chief (halo) deluxe costume ($600) for parties or the real deal kind of places. here’s the link….and i got this in a weird way…i dont even play halo. lol. (general for sale)

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Well, there you go. Problem solved!! Now, because it’s here ion fluther, people from all over the country can see your ad and in some other countries as well. Good luck with this.

You must have freaked out alot of neighbors with this! I can just imagine Pompton Plains’ finest showing up at your door, ha ha!!

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@scamp lol i know 26 calls no lie in like 10 minutes. i thought it was a joke. 6 cars swarmed around me and they actually opened the doors and stood behind them and asked me to stay still and put my hands up! then they asked what i was doing and why i was wearing that and they were amazed at the suit! lol they were asking what it was made out of and where i got it.

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LMAO! That’s too funny! Maybe you should call them back and tell them it’s for sale, since they were so interested, ha ha!!

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