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How much do you get involved in the discussion/debate in your own questions?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32192points) May 9th, 2011

I tend to ask questions and then sit back and let the discussion go where it will. I’m rather hands-off when it comes to the form debate takes in the questions I ask. I throw little quips in every once in a while but rarely anything of great importance.

There are exceptions though, as there must be to any rule.

What about you? Are you actively involved in the direction the discussion/debate takes in the questions you ask? Are you that way for all your questions or just particular topics?

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When I ask a serious question I am interactive with it so I get the most out of it.
That interaction helps as it is a discussion.
If its a silly ass question, I post and observe.

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It really depends on the type of question but in general I would say I’m the same as you and tend to sit back and see where it goes.

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I’m usually disappointed just about every time I ask a question. I rarely get the answers I’m looking for. If you don’t explain every medium is explicit detail, people won’t read it, because I’d end up writing a novel. If you write too little people won’t understand the question and will just say what they assume to be the right direction. I haven’t been able to get both short and detailed questions asked. It’s an art, so it seems.

Long story short… No. I usually don’t involve myself much due to disappointment in my own failure to explain what I was trying to ask.

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I rarely ask questions, and they often get modded anyway, but the ones that get through, I add to the discussion.

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Generally I ask questions that ask for specific answers, with very little room for debate. I usually ask it then sit back and watch.

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I’m of the opinion that it’s my question but the “community’s” thread. Therefore in general I let things be.

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I haven’t asked many questions but I tend to get at least a little bit involved in most of them. At the very least, to thank people for their answers.

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I would say about half the time I am active in the discussion of my own question. Sometimes it is just to ask an addition question after I see some of the information provided in the answers. Sometimes I started with a bias in my mind, so I act as one of the people offerng opinions, but I still am very interested in the opposing view. It is not that I am asking the question just to try and convince others of my view. Sometimes I wind up changing my mind after listening to the discussion.

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I like to stir the pot and then run away. :D

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I very seldom interact in the questions I post. After posting a question I usually wait to see if it’s going to be modded (my q’s get modded fairly quickly), then I’m off to run errands or chores. I’d love to be more interactive, but I’m a bit of an introvert, until you get to know me.

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I’m not a debater, so I don’t ask questions to argue. When I ask a question I’m usually looking for help with something or I’m looking for specifics. I will thank someone or make a comment at times.

I really like your answer @Axemusica. It describes how I feel. I find quite often many users don’t read the details and just answer the title without looking for what the OP’s intent is. It’s frustrating. I feel some users just want to be heard at times instead of trying to help the OP. :/ (and I’m not saying I’m not guilty of doing this, but I do try to respect the user’s wishes and stick to the question)

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I’m here aren’t I? I write and answer questions here, I write letters to politicians and newspapers. I even engage in discussions and debate with friends and acquaintances. I would say that I get very involved.

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I actually like to respond to my answerers and have a bit of back and forth.

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A lot, as in, gollum precious

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I don’t engage a lot, unless it seems like people don’t understand what I’m asking. My engagement generally is in the details, because that’s my answer to the question. Besides which, most of my questions require stories, not discussion and certainly not debate. I am pretty much uninterested in debate.

I pretty much do the same for most questions. I’ll write one answer and that’s it. Obviously, sometimes I get involved in a discussion, but not all that often.

This is an interesting question. Makes me wonder why I do this.

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It depends on the question.

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I tend to answer a lot in my questions, seeing as they are usually about me. If I ask a debate question, same because the debate questions are usually to enhance my knowledge and understanding (as well as others’, of course)

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I hardly ever take part in the political/religious questions, as I don’t have much to say on those things. That’s why I’m askin the question lol.
If it’s a social question, I like to take part in friendly conversation or some comment regularly. But I do my best to make sure I thank all the answerers on all questions in the end.

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I have stirred the pot and have run away.It is called “The Vunessuh” XD
I do like to see what people think:)
I have also wanted to really get an answer,so I stick around more

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I like to get involved in my own questions, but it depends on the direction the discussion takes whether or not I have anything to contribute.

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I usually only get involved to clarify, ask for clarification, pose another point or thank people for answering.

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I usually enter the discussion/debate after I’ve received a few answers, and then I’ll post about 1–5 quips.

I’ve yet to ask a question and then post all of the answers myself.

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A lot of the questions I ask aren’t really anything deep and serious. I have some that are, but for the most part, I seem to ask stuff that asks favourites/opinions/choices/people to come up with/create something.
Of course it doesn’t have to be deep ass shit to create discussion, and I am pretty active in the questions I make. But a lot of my feedback is mostly small comments, or screwing around and going off topic. XD I find myself pretty disinterested in asking big serious questions, although that’s me just being lazy more than anything else. Maybe it will pick up again some day. I can’t believe I wasted all my more serious stuff on AsswipeBag, ugh. Haha.
But yes, I do converse in my own questions, for what it may be worth.

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I’ll respond to people until they become assholes and then I’ll tell them so and leave off.

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