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Are there any foods that don't smell good but taste good to you?

Asked by YoKoolAid (2424points) May 14th, 2011

My mother didn’t really step outside the box when cooking us meals growing up, so I turned out to be a pretty picky eater. (to this day my brother (33) has yet to and refuses to try mac ‘n cheese) Many times when people get me to ‘just try it’ I’m especially reluctant when it doesn’t smell good to me, and when I try it and don’t like it it just reaffirms my thinking that if it doesn’t smell good then it won’t taste good. (I remember hearing something like 60% of our taste is through smell or something, not really sure if that’s right)

Anyway, just wondering which foods if any you have found to not smell great, but you like the taste?

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Feta Cheese!!! Love to eat it, hate the smell

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Brussels sprouts

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Not really. Not one that I can think off the bat. Smell and taste are interlocked. On second thought ..I love Roquefort, Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola, Stilton, and the like, but they don’t really smell bad to me…yeah brussels sprouts too…

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Strawberries. I really detest the smell, so I avoid them, and everything flavoured like them, as much as possible. But if I can get past the smell long enough to put one in my mouth, I actually do like them (as long as they’re very fresh and not over-ripe).

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Broccoli definitely smells like farts when it is cooking. It is still my favorite vegetable, hands down… but it really stinks.

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Yep, broccoli.

Fritos don’t smell very good if you stick your nose in the bag.

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Hot dogs. They taste scrummy, but smell like Satan’s armpit sweat :¬(

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Farts smell like broccoli.

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@ragingloli that sounds like a personal problem. :\

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Many fermented foods, like sauerkraut or kimchi. Some cheeses, too.

I don’t know if I could ever try durian – now that is an awful smell, but some people say they taste great!

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@ANef_is_Enuf cauliflower even more but I love it.

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I don’t know anyone who thinks hard-boiled eggs smell good, but of course, I personally think they’re just horrible in every respect.

There’s this certain curry dish I’ve had that smells almost like plastic, it’s very strange, but the taste is quite good. :)

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Cabbage, raw onions, eggs, soft cheeses… Funny, I was just thinking last night how nasty stewed rhubarb smells while it’s cooking, but I like the taste of it.
@jaytkay Fritos smell like my dog’s feet

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@Blueroses Basset hound ears smell like Fritos

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Yep, cabbage, fish, brussel sprouts, artichokes.

I am a cabbage-a-holic, cooked, raw, cole slaw, stir fry, soups…and, I am one of those strange ones too, LOVE brussel sprouts dipped in mayo. lol

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Raw onions and cooked/raw cabbage. I can’t imagine life without them! lol

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Brussels sprouts…cheesecake smells good,but tastes bad to me.

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@lucillelucillelucille if it tastes bad to you, maybe you tasted one with a lot of sour cream in it?
A lot of people make them with cream cheese, sugar and eggs and no SCream.

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@crisw I was going to mention durian too, I’ve never had it but my wife has and says it tastes good smells awful.

No durians

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@lucillelucillelucille I’m with you there, hate cheesecake but it looks and smells so appealing

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I’m like you—taste and smell are firmly interlinked. I’ll go one further and add the visual is also really important to me, too.

It’s rare that I would enjoy eating something that smells bad to me, as the bad smell would turn me off well before eating it. So, I can name two things and that’s pretty much all she wrote: pad thai, which smells like ass feet* and brie/camembert, which is kinda smelly, but totally my favorite cheese in the world. In fact, I was just remarking how weird it is that I love brie/camembert, based on how it smells. If it were any other cheese, I would say hell no.

* Yes, that’s right. Ass feet.

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Ripe cheeses of all kinds.

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I also like a lot of cheeses that smell bad but taste good. Not limburger…my family has it with onions and bread…that’s just asking for bad breath—YUCK!

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Eggs. I hate the smell of eggs, at any time, even when they’re not rotten.

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Orange Chicken, the kind served as a Chinese fast food. The vinegar smell curdles my blood but if I put enough chili oil on the stuff, it’s pretty tasty.

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