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Mac and cheese poll: do you prefer homemade or boxed?

Asked by Aster (18947points) May 14th, 2011

I made it twice and each time, even when increasing the cheese I could barely taste it. I used bagged sharp cheddar; maybe it has to be Velveeta?? But I love Kraft best. How about you?

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Homemade when it’s good. I love J. Alexander’s mac and cheese, a special treat I split with my husband sometimes. As for boxed I usually eat velveeta shells and cheese add a few extra shells and a little milk to thin it. But, I can eat any of the boxed stuff, I guess I prefer Kraft to other ones.

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Ha I love those cheap boxed KD’s. They’re great when you have no cash, and it’s a filling meal. I usually add boiled hotdogs in there, then unceremoniously drown the whole thing in ketchup. Whether you’re on welfare or a student, it’s your best friend! I’m being an ass though. I shouldn’t be attributing KD to small budgets, plenty of well off people like it too.
I hate those white cheddar ones though, ew.
Never had homemade mac and cheese…I imagine it must taste quite different though.

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@Symbeline Never had homemade mac and cheese baked with bread crumbs on top and browned a little on top too? You are missing it.

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It can be homemade?! Moooommmmm!!

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Honestly, on the occasions I buy Mac-n-cheese, I like the Kraft white cheddar boxed stuff over say, Stouffers, Marie Calenders, or any of the frozen varieties, or..the tubs of premade stuff in the deli section. I have never had home made that did much for me.

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I like the Kraft in a box (never had white) or the Velveeta mac and cheese in a box. LOL

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I prefer my homemade baked mac & cheese. I use half Velveeta and half muenster. I’ve found that I don’t like most restaurant mac & cheese and rarely do I like other people’s homemade versions. I know, fussy, fussy, fussy! I do like the boxed Kraft kind, which I’m sure sounds odd. I like boxed but not someone else’s homemade.

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Boxed is terrific, but I’ve only had homemade on a few occasions. It was equally fantastic, but was a different type of awesome than what I’m used to…

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I prefer my husband’s homemade mac and cheese over all others. It is insanely good, but it’s different every time because he always uses a combo of whatever cheeses we have in the house. Doesn’t matter, though, it’s always delicious.

Of the pre-made varieties, I really only like Velveeta Shells & Cheese or the frozen kind by Stouffer’s.

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President’s Choice White Cheddar is a million billion times better than the Kraft white cheddar. If you ever get northward, @Coloma, you’ve gotta give it a try!

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I asked a very similar question on here about 6 months ago.

I found an excellent frozen mac and cheese at Trader Joe’s. It has four cheeses – havarti, gouda, cheddar and one other – forgot which. Anyway, it’s cheesy, salty, not overly creamy like Stouffer’s (although I love Stouffer’s though, except it’s half sauce).

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My wife now has a competitor in the mac and cheese department. My wifes mac and cheese is a five time blue ribbon winner. (I have to say this, she is watching me type this).

A very close second comes from the freezer at all WalMart Stores. Its made by Stouffer and it is out of sight. Stouffers mac and cheese is the very best out there, that is frozen…bar none.

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I tried Stouffer’s Mac, and while I love a LOT of their frozen dinners, (meatloaf, and turkey with stuffing) not a fan at all of their Mac and Cheese. Too watery. :/

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@Symbeline I always cook it a little longer for just that reason.

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Stouffer’s mac and cheese was better in the old days when it came in an aluminum tray and was baked to a nice brown on top. Oddly, the macaroni in it is what I usually would consider overcooked, becaue I like my pasta al dente, but I still enjoy eating the Stouffer’s mac and cheese every so often. By far they are the best frozen food on the market overall.

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Homemade is always better. Doesn’t take long. Use a whisk when making the white sauce to get rid of lumps.

When eating it, I put lemon juice on mine. Don’t know how I got started with that but it makes it taste good.

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