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Redlands, CA?

Asked by baseballnut (430points) April 23rd, 2008

Anybody familiar with Redlands? I’m interviewing near there tomorrow. Safe town? Lots to do? Culture of the town?

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I love Redlands. Its a really nice place. Of course when there is no smog. It is very family oriented and close to big bear which is a nice ski resort. About 20 minutes from Riverside and 30 or so from Palm Springs. I like it enough to move there.

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Why not make tomorrow the first day of the rest of your life? The church culture in this town-near-the-mountains is enough to make one wonder if Red isn’t short for redemption.
Just look at the variety you will have all these choose from:
1 Christian Fellowships
2 Baptist
3 Catholic
4 Christian Scientist
5 Christian & Missionary Alliance
6 Church of the Living God, Ground and Pillar of the Truth
7 Episcopal
8 Evangelical Free Church
9 Jehovah’s Witnesses
10 Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
11 Lutheran
12 Methodist
13 Presbyterian
14 Reformed Church
15 Salvation Army
16 Unaffiliated
17 United Church of Christ
18 Wesleyan-Holiness

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my son was born at Redlands Community hospital!
i have always liked redlands, the residential areas near the hospital are really nice, they are older style homes (100+ years old victorian looking), the victorian mansions are beautiful here is a pic of my personal favorite morey mansion,
i know it looks kinda haunted but the detail is amazing, they dont make houses like that anymore = (
,this site has lots pictures of redlands and all the details your looking for

Also there is a redlands market night in downtown redlands every thursday night from 6–9. the website below has all the info about it and about all of redlands.

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Go East young man/lady. California is going to fall into the ocean..

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