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Would you rather live in Austin, TX or Irvine, CA?

Asked by nikipedia (28080points) March 29th, 2008
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Irvine, CA. California has always been home to me. I’ve traveled all over and there is no place like home. At the same time…Where ever you are and who ever you are with I am sure you will make a good home. You just have to make the best of it and look at the pros and cons of the move. Good luck!

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Irvine. It’s close to the beach. Also you have east access to LA or San Diego.

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Where do you live now and where are you moving to?

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Irvine definitely. I almost went to school there. Go Anteaters!
I’m in Nashville right now for college, but I was born and raised in California so I’ll be moving back there after I graduate for sure. Southern California is pretty close to heaven in my opinion.

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I grew up in Irvine. Austin sounds interesting as an island of creativity in an ocean of lard, but SoCal has much more to recommend it than Tejas.

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I would need to know more about you before I could answer this question. I live in Austin and it rocks…but it’s definitely not for everyone. What are you in to?

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Irvine, all the way. Besides, you’d be blocks away from the happiest place on earth over in Anaheim :)

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Live in San Francisco now and am choosing between graduate programs at both schools. I’m into being a workaholic and having interesting conversations over drinks.

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Austin is a good college town. I spent two years in grad school there and loved it. It can start to feel small – so if you need big city access, being near LA might be better. Houston and San Antonio are not exactly great draws. But Austin has music, has arts and tech, has the hill country and some great outdoor venturing.

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Fact. Austin is the music capital of the world. And if you are looking to party, look no further.

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Texas as a whole is just…better.

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I lived in Irvine. It’s great. Perfect weather and the world at your fingertips!

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The weather in Irvine is perfect compared to Austin.

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