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Did you know the best in the world is a female?

Asked by rooeytoo (26966points) May 15th, 2011

Black Caviar a 4 year old mare in Australia is ranked the best racehorse in the world by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities. She is undefeated in all of her outings and is leaving the boys in her dust.

The question this brings to my mind is that if a mare can beat all the boys in the races, why don’t human females run as fast as males. Is it because no one told this filly she can’t, won’t be able to, isn’t strong enough, girls don’t do that?

Do you think human females will ever do like this mare and beat the boys at their own games?

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They already are lol. It’s just a slower process.

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Because women just can’t putt to save their lives! ;)

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A lot of it has to do with our wide pelvises. Mares don’t have that issue :>)

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The difference between male and female bodies is much more pronounced in humans than it is amongst equines.

In areas besides physical strength, one could easily argue that women have outclassed men for many things.

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I know that now, and I’m happy to see that another lady has inherited Zenyatta’s crown.

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Great question. I was just thinking about this while I was out running today. I’ve read that the performance gap between the sexes narrows pretty dramatically when you’re talking about ultradistances, but I think that might just be because everyone who runs those is a freak of nature.

I watched footage of the male and female winners of the Boston Marathon this year. The winning women, who ran nearly 20 minutes slower than the winning man, collapsed at the end of the finish line (she was fine, just wiped). And Geoffrey Mutai, after running THE FASTEST MARATHON IN RECORDED HISTORY, looked totally fine. Here, you can check it out for yourself. Incredible.

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The male racehorses should be thankful that mares do nothing to them after beating them in a race or even after mating. Imagine if mares take after the female praying mantis after sex. Yes, try to picture that.

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@Blackberry – I had in mind contest of physical strength and prowess more than the other games boys play.

@Cruiser – I am a great putter, better than my long game which is erratic to say the least!

@crisw – there are a lot of women with slender hips, that can’t be true in all cases.

@Brian1946 – It’s a hell of a thing she lost that 20th but Mike Smith says it was his fault, he held her in too long.

@wundayatta – no argument there, but this mare is considered a bit of a freak because she has it all. There must be some human female freaks out there too, why don’t they come forward?

@nikipedia – yep I was thinking of the ultradistances too, women often win them. So why was the best woman 20 minutes slower??? Women elite runners do not appear to have large hips, most of them look like young boys. They say don’t tell a child they’re stupid or ugly or whatever because they will believe it and become that. Couldn’t the same thing be true here? Parents are now telling their daughters they could become president but you still don’t hear them saying you could win a marathon! I am sure it is not that simple, but one would think it plays a part???

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I reckon Casta Semenya (sp), the South African female runner, could beat a lot of men.

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Just a little extra note, look at the above responses, almost all of them give some reason why females can’t compete with the boys.

I can’t help but believe that negative attitude plays at least some part in the why. Guess Black Caviar’s momma never told her she couldn’t!

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