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Telephone bug. When I answer all I hear are beeps?

Asked by SeaTurtle (1179points) May 18th, 2011

Someone has been repeatedly trying to call me today but every time I answer all I can hear is a high pitched beep sound at regular one second intervals does anyone know what this could be? It does not sound like a fax at all.
(Outgoing calls seem to be working fine so I doubt it is a problem with my phone.)

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I doubt you are being tapped. More likely someone is trying to send a fax to a wrong number.

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@Coloma , so does a fax initially have a regular 1 second beep until it receives a response?
I always thought a fax sound was a series of more randomly pitched beeps?

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If it’s trying to transmit to a non-fax number it will make some very strange sounds.
Impossible to say for sure.
It might also be trouble in the lines being tested or worked on nearby or a mis-dial from a hearing disabled line.

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I agree with @Coloma that someone has your number incorrectly attributed to a fax number they’re trying to reach. We get them at work, sometimes for hours.

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It could also be a TTY-TDD device that a deaf person is using and calling a wrong number.

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Thanks for that..I could not think of the codes for TTY-TDD… brain is in mis-fire mode today

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Thanks people :)

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Sounds like a fax machine. Apparently somebody entered your number by accident as one they are trying to fax a document to. Many fax machines will continue to call the number until they get a delivery confirmation from a receiving fax machine.

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