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How many movies have you seen from AFI's list of the top 100 movie quotes?

Asked by erichw1504 (26453points) May 19th, 2011

Check out the list here.

How many of the movies have you seen on the list? You can give a round about number if you want.

Which quote is your favorite? Do you have a fond memory of when you first heard any of the quotes? Do you mostly agree with the ranking of the quotes?

The list was created in 2005. If the list was made today, what additional quotes do you think should be added from current cinema?

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22 – I love Scarface quotes – first time I saw the movie I was attempting a threesome with my then gf and a resort cop who helped us break into an empty cabin after stealing us some alcohol. Eventually, we ditched him, sex didn’t happen.

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I like, “Well, nobody’s perfect.” from Some Like It Hot and ”no wire hangers, ever!” from Mommie Dearest creeps me out, but I like it because it’s creepy.

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22 for me also!

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There were only 3 movies I didn’t yet see…some movies had 3–4 quotes each.
“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” from Love Story

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Perfect score for me. I’ve seen all of them.

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I’ve seen 55 (had to go back and subtract out the duplicates) of the films.
There’s no crying in baseball!
Don’t call me Shirley!

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95, I am thrilled to say.

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@gailcalled So, all of them?

Has anyone figured out exactly how many movies there are? I’m too lazy to go through them. Thanks.

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My favorites are:

“I see dead people”
“Bond, James Bond.”

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42! The guy I dated last year and I watched a bunch together. I’m still actively trying to see them all!

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@erichw1504 I actually think there are less than 95. There were about six quotes on the list from Casablanca alone and other duplicates too.

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@erichw1504: Well, the list is the Top 100 best movie quotes. Several of the quotes come from the same movies.

I have not seen “The Shining, “TLOTR,” The Abbott and Costello one with the “Who’s on First Routine,” and “Street.”

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There are 87 movies listed so good trick getting 95!
You can sort the films by name – click the little arrow in the “film” column

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More than lots, but less than all.

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@all: I recognized 95 quotes of the 100 listed.

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@Blueroses Ah, good point. Thanks for counting.

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There are 87 films referenced, if I counted correctly (I sorted by film). I’ve seen 48 of them, excluding a few that are questionable.

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59 (which I find a bit surprising as I don’t consider myself a movie buff). However, I used this list rather than the one in the OP link. I presume they are pretty darned similar.

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@YoBob It’s a different list. The one the OP is referring to is about quotes. The one you provided is a list of movies. While a few are the same, it is comparing apples to oranges.

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I’ve seen 24/87 movies. I intend to see more. There’s like a million quotes from Casablanca on there, most of which I recognize, so I should probably see the damn movie sometime…

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@heresjohnny A lot of the older ones I’ve seen because I grew up in the days before cable and old movies with James Cagney, Bette Davis, Laurel and Hardy, Abott and Costello, Mae West, that sort of thing were staples of the local UHF channels’ weekend afternoon and late night broadcasting and there a few I saw in some film classes I took, some like are just classics that I’ve always liked because used to love old movies with people like Bogart, Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, the great old stars. The rest, like everyone else, I’ve managed to catch here and there.

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There were only a couple of the movies that I haven’t seen (huge film buff here). And I recognize most of the quotes. As to whether I agree with the rankings—I’m a huge skeptic of almost any statistic cited from polls (too many factors affect the outcome). That said, I have no objection to the rankings ;-)

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I’ve seen 60 of those movies, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less. I had to go to a lot of screenings on my way to my film degree, but I recognized all the quotes.

I’d add, “Dignity. Always dignity.” from the opening scene in Singin’ in The Rain, where Don Lockwood gives the myth of his rise to the top for the radio gossip columnist, but the visual flashback tells the truth – that he and Cosmo were a couple of a vaudeville bums before they got in pictures.

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If I count one for every “yes,” meaning that I’ve seen the entire movie and not just clips, I get 69. But several movies are listed more than once. I didn’t go back and eliminate duplicates just to answer the question.

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Ok, sorted to eliminate the duplicates: I’ve seen 60 of the movies in their entirety and clips from most of the others.

I like a mix of oldies in with my current Netflix viewing; that’s how I caught up with things like Now, Voyager and She Done Him Wrong, which are older than I am. But I did see some of the oldies when they were newies.

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66 which surprises me, I thought I was well behind average about seeing a lot of classics.

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I’ve seen all the movies. No surprise there…

I would like to add: “The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.”

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I lose. I have only seen 12. A quote that wasn’t there that suprised me was ” Go ahead. Make my day” from Dirty Harry.

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I saw 71 out of 87.

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34. ... some of those quotes are kinda dumb…

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I’ve seen 36.

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53. Some top movies in there.

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@TheIntern55, it’s there. It’s number 6, credited to a different Eastwood movie.

@noelleptc, some of the others are much better known, maybe just from being around longer.

@YoBob, don’t expect Animal House to show up on a list of 100 all-time-greatest movies, even if it is on the quotes list.

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I have seen 13 of these films, which is surprisingly high. My favorite quote by far is “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” from Dr. Strangelove. The rankings more or less make sense if you think about them in terms of how often they are alluded to or repeated.

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@Jeruba and @TheIntern55 “Go ahead. Make my day!” was from Sudden Impact.
The memorable line from Dirty Harry was “You’ve got to ask yourself: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

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I didn’t see some of the older ones. I did see the Jazz Singer. I missed out on some of the Bettie Davis movies. I love Mommie Dearest but my favorite quote from that movie is “Don’t fuck with me fellas, I’ve been to this rodeo before!”.
@dabbler I gave you lurve. I was shocked at getting 71. I love movies but my mother is movie fanatic and I saw most of these movies as a kid or teen growing up.

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I think one beautiful quote from LOTR is missing, which is said by Gandalf.
It’s ”....End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path… One that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all change to silver glass. White shores… and beyond. The far green country under a swift sunrise”.

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Speaking of Gandalf, I’m a little surprised not to see “You shall not pass!”

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@noelleptc hey I thought ‘Why wasn’t ”plastics.” number one?’ is totally reasonable.

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