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Does your face light up when your child walks into the room?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) May 19th, 2011

This is actually another person’s question from another site, and the information specifically referred to alienated children and blended homes. I can’t find the link (but I’ll keep looking.)

Anyhow, the article basically said that if your face does not light up when your child comes into the room, the child may perceive that you love them less or do not love them at all. Even if you say that you do and do other things to show it. The simple lack of a happy expression when you see them might be enough to make a child feel like you don’t love them as much as someone whose face does light up at the sight of them.

I actually had to to think about this, because I’m not very good with expressing affection. After I thought about it, I’m positive that my face does light up… but it got me to thinking.

What about you? Does your face light up when you see your kids?

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Oh I definately know my face lights up when I see my girls, especially after a long day and they have been at daycare all day. I get all excited to see them!!!

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My face lights up when I see my niece. She’s such a sweet kid.

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I have no children of my own, but I can tell you that when either my niece or nephew walk into a room, I probably look like a freakin’ Christmas tree when I light up. They comprise the center of all that is meaningful in my world! My nephew (age 5), when asked what might be an appropriate birthday present for me, decided that I needed a trophy. He designed the whole thing and it sits on my nightstand reminding me that I am the best aunt. I asked him why there was no date on the trophy and he explained that I am the best aunt all the time. That trophy is the best thing I ever earned!

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With pure unadultered rage, yes.

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Oh yes – and they are 30 and 28!

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I am sure i would!

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Every, Single. Time. And that never goes away!

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Yes. Every single time.

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And I call them goofy pet names! Even in front of their friends.

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They always get a smile from me when I see them, even when I don’t feel well. They make my day.

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Oh yes on the light up part.
Just thinking about the question and pondering it makes me light up.
I think how your expressions show are certainly detected by a child or an adult.
A child however may internalize how you appear more than an adult will. The child wants to see you happy and will try to help if you are not. This certainly changes with age and the bond you have.
Being expressive and demonstrative in positive ways will go along way to developing a good close bond and help put that smile on your face too.
They also can tell when something is not going well and it is best to let them know you are having a tough day so they don’t internalize it.

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Yep my eyes light up when I see my kids. They spend most weekends with their father and every time I pick them up I get so excited it almost surprises me. I always tell them that I am happy they spend time with their father, but I am the happiest mom in the world when they come home. That feeling of happiness is a gift from God do our children and ourselves!

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My daughter is still a baby. She goes into wild fits of ecstasy whenever I walk into a room, so I can’t help but do the same. But I also light up when I go spy on her sleeping. She blows my mind just by existing.

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Always have & by gum, I always will. I make a point of greeting my son with a high five & a “how’s it hanging?” My daughter always gets a big bear hug & kiss. Whether they welcome this, like every time, is of course another matter.
I love my kids goddammit!! XD ;¬}

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Love my babies soo much, my face certainly lights up when i see them

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