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Do you believe it's okay for kids to drink "kiddie cocktails"?

Asked by spendy (1449points) May 3rd, 2008

There are tons of alcohol-free cocktails out there. Some parents order these drinks or make them at home for their children. Sometimes it might be a special event, sometimes no reason at all. Either way, do you think it’s appropriate? Why or why not?

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I used to LOVE the fake wine and champagne that I got at new years and big family celebrations. They made me feel all adult like and it was a fun way to participate in toasts.

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my parents gave it to me and I give it to my kids. I see nothing wrong with it.

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(To note, I still like it. I don’t drink so its a cute alternative.)

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only on special occasions, because if its given to them too often, they’ll get a habit at an early age. the behavior of parents reflects on their kids. on the other hand, i read a few articles about giving alcoholic beverages to your children when they’re underage, so when they finally are able to drink, they’ll think its not so special to drink, and alcohol is a thing to appreciate in moderation

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As a previous bartender, yes totally. They love it and I love making it for them, especially when they are watching and I really take my time to festoon the faux cocktail with fruit garnishes.
I would like to teach my children how to drink responsibly, as it can be a nice part of dining. Not educating them and making it taboo can lead to misuse. I also like the European approach of allowing children to drink small amounts of wine with dinner.

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I’m all for encouraging underaged drinking with the intent that it will prevent them from abusing alcohol when they are older. Nothing wrong with a little Kahlua mixed in with the breast milk in their bottle… ok, maybe i’m exaggerating a bit, but I do have to agree with the general sentiment here in that teaching kids that alcohol is something to be enjoyed in moderation is an important lesson a parent needs to pass on.

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I remember when I was a child, my dad made it clear there were certain behaviors prohibited, that included alcohol. Because it was prohibited when an older friend offered me a drink I made sure dad wasn’t around. I would think everybody would try to do that which is not allowed, just for curiosity to find out how it feels. Like peedub said, this can lead to misuse and abuse. It is better to teach our children with our own example that drink in moderation as in social occasions is acceptable. Therefore, fake wine and champagne with apple flavor is the way to go for our children so they can join in the party and don’t feel left out.

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I think it’s fine to let the kids have some fancy drinks too…....I remember being 5 and on a family holiday and so jealous of the fancy drinks the grownups had, with the umbrellas, fruits and sparklers and everything.
And I was over the moon when I got to have one – of course mine was just hot chocolate, not Lumumba, but I was happy.

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I loed it also as a child. Now I can’t go very long without a drink….. (sigh).

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hahaha…..yea, I’m still a sucker for those sparkly, fancy drinks too – and I’ve grown accustomed to the slight sting they now come with (bring on the margaritas!)

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Nah! Tequila FTW!

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And to that I must add, to each his own. lol.

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C’mon Randall, If we’re having a shot, then you have to join us.

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starts slicing the lemons….

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i dont see a thing wrong with it…as a kid my parents would make themselves and friends pina coladas or margaritas by the pool and they would make a batch of “virgin” drinks for us kids

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@ peedub- I can never turn down a shot.

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I suffer from the same affliction.

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Coming from a household that didn’t ever have alcohol present in the house or at family events or special occasions, alcohol was a taboo subject. I did find out about the pros and cons about alcohol through trial and error and personal experience, and have since found that moderation was the best route.

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i don’t see any problem whatsoever with it.
they’re not allowed to drink real ones because of the alcohol, and there is no alcohol in these. so what’s the problem?

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Yes, I think they are appropriate for children and adults. They are fun & tasty.

I grew up in my parent owned tavern. My dad was an alcoholic, mom the enabler. Neither my sister or I drink much at all. She is a social drinker. I drink actual alcohol maybe once per year.

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IDK. My kids were kind of shocked when we had dinner at my sister’s house once, and he gave his kids “near beer.” I didn’t even know he had. They told me later. Not sure what kind of message it sends.

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Alcohol consumption was strongly discouraged in my childhood home, and no one drank it there. For me, that turned out to be very fortunate, because if I’d drank it, I would have died decades ago. I’d had no idea, nor did anyone else, that I had a disease that, if I’d been a drinker, alcohol consumption would have killed me. Personally, I can’t stand the taste, so, past a little taste, I just didn’t drink it. I discouraged it in my home as well.

However, I enjoy the “kiddie cocktails”; it is the booze that ruins them.

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