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I hate to brag, but here's what I did on Rapture day...

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) May 21st, 2011

I broke into a church using an Olive Garden gift card.

What did you do to mark this special day?

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@noelleptc, did you break the fish into morsels and feed a multitude?

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Woke up late, ate some bagels while watching The Office, watered my garden, went to work, Fluthered during the Rapture. Nothing special.

Edit: There was something special. My partner made special spreads for the bagels. She made strawberry cream cheese and maple walnut cream cheese, the latter of which won hands down.

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Sat an exam, which I think went well. Had lunch with my mum afterwards. Went grocery shopping. Came back home to study for the next exam. Joyful :/

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I feel that I wasted my day. Maybe I should get a Rapture hairstyle. What would be good? I was thinking of a layered bob.

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I worked a shitty 8 hour shift and wished, with all my heart, that Jesus would hurry up and call me the fuck on home.

stoopid jesus

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And the only thing I find offensive about that was the Olive Garden gift card… but then again what were you doing in the church?

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I sat in front of the computer all day and Fluthered.
It’s so much better than being at work, where I have to sit in front of a computer all day.

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I did the same as him ^.
Oh, and I had an ice lolly which made my teeth and tongue go blue.

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Rapture hairstyles! Fabuluous idea, @Ajulutsikael! That’s worth a separate question. Why didn’t we think of this before?

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Took a friend to the airport, had some egg-less tofu salad for lunch, watched part of a documentary about John and Kate Plus 8 on TV, got disgusted, then listened to my favorite radio cooking show host, Melinda Lee, explain how to make Cheese Fondue

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@Kardamom . . . make cheesefon do what?

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I ate something with twelve friends.

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@Blondesjon Cheese fon doo whacka doo whacka doo?

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I watched an episode of The Office and sat on the computer all day on fluther and facebook chat and I really need to get to writing my history essay.

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I watched TV, ate rice, read a few pages of the book I’m editing, then went back to sleep.

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@rebbel Are you sure it wasn’t thirteen?

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One had a lame excuse and called it off.

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Went to a piano recital and grocery shopped in pretty heavy traffic. ); Home Sweet Home.

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I went to a Farmer’s Market where there was no produce (??!!). Then we went for a drive into the country and had a picnic at a lake looking at a very old tree (my husband tried stretching his arms around the trunk and it would have taken three plus of him).

Trees seem much wiser than humans.

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@everephebe Yeah, Olive Garden is not to my taste. A generous gift from some folks who don’t know me well (or food for that matter, apparetnly.) The worst part – two of ‘em.

Writers group meeting in the church – I was late, door was locked. Reduces the hell-raiser-than-thou factor I know. But as I was breaking in, I thought I might have been in the wrong place. Part of me hoped.

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What is rapture day? o.O

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I bought a motorcycle and promptly laid it down, barely out of the parking lot. It’s a hell of a lot more bike than I’m used to riding. Now I’m feeling intimidated :(

But, I now know that I can pick up a 500+ lb bike by myself.

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@syz get back on that horse! Show it who’s boss! :D

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@everephebe That’s my plan, as soon as I get back into town.

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I worked, fluthered and talked to my husband. Was supposed to go out but we got ditched by the 18 year old who got a better offer.

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Went to a foreclosure auction, but wasn’t the high bidder….. Then enjoyed my day with my family

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I met Richard Ayoade after a screening of his film Submarine (it’s very much like Rushmore), then had a lovely dinner with friends. No photos, because my face looks like like crap right now, I’m sorry to say.

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@Blondesjon funniest thing I’ve seen all week 1000 ga’s thanx

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I fixed the coffee pot after it took a shit on @Blondesjon this morning, then I washed dishes and drove my son 30 miles to visit a friend of his. exciting, eh!?

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I pulled weeds, ate Klondikes and watched movies. So a usual Saturday in May for me, except this time I made sure I was never ten feet away from a potential weapon. Now that Rapture never occurred, I feel a bit silly. Not as silly as this guy, though!

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Was suppose to go to the movies but I woke up with a stupid cold or allergies. Tissues in one hand and a water in the other. :(

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I had a fun day….best part was jammin for my friends with my oldest and youngest backing me up! Not much can top that! ;)

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@ddude1116 So jealous of you, seriously. What a golden day.

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Worked in the morning, chilled out in the afternoon and had great sex in the evening.

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Got coffee and bagels for the family, played tennis for three hours, weeded the yard, hung some vinyl siding, screwed a part of the fence together, met a friend and his fiance I hadn’t seen in years for beers, got some Taco Bell and watched Jackass 3. Laughed so hard I woke up my daughter.

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