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Looking for suggestions of fun things to do for 4-day holiday weekend?

Asked by marinelife (62455points) February 16th, 2012

My husband and I were going away, but decided that budget-wise, we should wait.

So now I am looking for fun things to do from home that would make it feel like a holiday weekend.

Any ideas?

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Visit the tourist attractions that you never go to because you are a local.

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When we go away, we tend to fill our days with things to see & do. We also tend to walk or take a cab to the places we’re going to. We try to simulate this at home. Sometimes that means parking the car in a central location.

Things we do when we don’t leave but have an extended break:
-Visit a museum we haven’t been to
-Take in a historical house, or settlement
-Go for a hike on a trail we haven’t been to
-Take a day trip to a community we haven’t been to (ideally one with shops, eateries, and unique local attractions).

Usually we then plan a nice take out meal in. For a 4-day weekend, we’d do one nice restaurant we haven’t tried yet.

When we stay in a hotel, we often watch a movie in bed together. This is something we don’t do at home. If you can think of something you typically do when you stay away—do that.

If you have the opportunity, do all of your errands prior to the 4-day vacation. That way your time off won’t be stolen away by the mundane.

I agree with @WestRiverrat: Act as if you are a visitor of your region.

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It may be too cold where you are, but see if you have a local hot springs! I went to one over Christmas break and loved it.

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If I remember correctly you are near DC, so of course there are tons of tourist things to see in the area, and in VA too some wonderful day trips like Monticello, but I would assume you are familiar with them all and have seen most of them. Still, one you have not been to yet could make a nice vacation day.

I would plan at least one nice dinner out at a favorite restaurant and another date, maybe a movie (which for us feels like vacation as we rarely go out for movies). Cook a meal at home together, since I almost always do the cooking myself. See if there is some sort of class to take together, a dance class, cooking class, really anything outside of your usual routine.

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This might not be super relevant, but an ambitious suggestion: after you have waited, go to fiji
or hawaii- grand wailea resort (Which isn’t that expensive for 2+package.)
If I could, I’d definitely go there. I know it might be expensive, haven’t checked prices only checked with the resort, but it’s worth it, especially for both of you. :))

As for making it fun, is it possible for you to drive somewhere warm in the country with a beach? I’m dying to go to a beach.

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I forgot to add, from what @nikipedia wrote, I went to a Hot Springs bath house several months ago with my husband and loved it! I thought it was going to be weird, but where we went they had a part of the spa with 4 pools, each a different temperature, so you pick what you find most comfortable, and there are lounge chairs where you can come out of the water and rest, and a small cafe in the “wet” area of the pools also. My skin has never been so smooth and hydrated, the mineral waters were amazing. If there is anything like that near you, especially during the cold weather, I recommend it too.

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Near DC? Maybe try the Arboretum near the Capitol Hill bldg. and the American Indian Museum. It’s got jungle trees inside, amazing orchids, desert plants, Hawaiian plants…all inside a climate controlled glass dome with a clear view of Capitol Hill.

I would digress, sorry, but I just visited again the American Indian Museum and found out horses were just brought in America by the Conquistadores which the Indians later on bred and rode on to hunt buffalos. And I thought horses were indigenous here.

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I have a very pleasant memory of the time that my husband and I planned a fancy dinner for company. We cleaned house, bought flowers, and set the table with our best, candles and all. We prepared a lovely meal from appetizers to dessert and got dressed up. We put on music.

And then we entertained ourselves as guests, just the two of us.

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Take a hop-on hop-off bus tour

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Hillwood Estate, Longwood Gardens, Brandywine River Museum

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I just read a piece in the Washington Post’s Style section about going to the National Zoo in the winter. It actually makes it sound like a pretty decent idea.

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Here’s another vote for Longwood Gardens. Spectacular!

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