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Why would my period stop suddenly? (PLEASE read details before answering)

Asked by Ladymia69 (6876points) May 21st, 2011

I am 31 years old, fair health, no diseases. I have been menstruating since I was 13 (regularly, like clockwork) and have relatively trouble-free, pain-free periods. I had a child at 17, but no children, pregnancies, miscarriages, or abortions since. I have always had good pap smears. I haven’t even been very sexually active for the past year (that’s a topic for another thread, so please don’t ask about that).

About six months ago, I stopped having my periods altogether. I have taken two pregnancy tests within six weeks after noticing this, all coming out negative (besides, the last occurence of sex was too far away from the time it was apparent I was ovulating).

I am not asking for a diagnosis; just some brainstorming, and maybe some theories from some of the kind Jelly-doctors within the Fluth-ocean.

So my questions are, What would cause this to happen in a 31-year-old woman? Has this happened to any of you ladies?

Let me add that I was forced to drop my insurance last year because the county stopped matching the premium…I simply could not afford it.

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Have you noticed any other changes? Have you felt weak or tired?

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Have you lost weight lately?

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@bob_ I never saw this coming…you being the first person to respond to this question, of all questions…

I have been rather weak and tired for a couple of years now. Not more so since this started up.

@everephebe Another boy-as-first-responder? Is this why most gynecologists are men? Hells no, I have been packing on the weight steadily for about a year, thankyouverymuch.

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@ladymia69 Well, I’m a compulsive helper at heart.

Have you been able to determine the nature of your feeling tired and weak?

Have you been under increased stress?

Is there anything else you can think of that has been occurring since six months or so ago?

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If I wasn’t raised in a religion that dislikes doctors, I might have followed my interest in gynecology. ^^ :p

Also this is why I mentioned the weight loss.
Also there’s this.
But, I could have asked if you were addicted to heroin. :p

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How much weight have you gained? Being very overweight and being very underweight have been known to hijack one’s period.

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One thing I have forgot to mention: I have been on painkillers for my back/neck for about a year, and I have done a little research about women who take them…I found out that PKs can cease a woman’s menstrual cycle when taken steadily over time.

@tranquilsea Really, the weight gain is not huge or very noticeable.

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It’s likely the opiates.^
And by likely I mean, I am NOT a doctor.

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@everephebe I am hoping that is all…

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Sounds like it’s that. Also, if you’re stressing over it, it doesn’t help.

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@bob_ I am stressing over everything in my life right now…trade ya a sandwich for a massage? :(

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@ladymia69 Stress is a big factor. Hope you feel better.

And I give amazing foot massages.

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Is the weight gain explained? I mean are you overeating or just eating fairly normally but packing on weight? I am wondering about your thyroid or something like that? I am guessing you have had blood test to make sure all your hormone levels are in the normal zone? It could be stress, but I would be surprised if that would halt your periods for six months. Read this about hydrothyroidism. Just a thought anyway… get thee to a doctor for lots of blood tests. You shouldn’t be gaining weight and feeling tired all the time. Link

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Oh and I hope you feel better soon too. :-)

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Thank you, my friends. :)

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@ladymia69 Never underestimate the men of Fluther. If they would only make a calendar.~

I take the tilde back. Please make a calendar! lol

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@jonsblond Like this guy’s chart? :)

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Are you on the Depo shot?

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@jonsblond Ah, but will you share your man of Fluther for the cause?

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Drugs, stress, vitamin changes, sleeping patterns lack of exercise and, hormonal changes can all be causes to your cycle changing.
However; there can be severe internal changes, some more severe than others.
Blood pressure, anemia, thyroids, cysts, cancer, tumors, fibroids, and many more things, can cause changes in your cycle.
Sometimes it is just hormonal changes. Women go through different cycles during their lives.
You cycle is usually the first warning sign that something is wrong. I would check with my doctor to rule out the stuff I listed above. Don’t just chalk it up to the medications and let it ride on that .
Your tiredness and weight gain could be thyroids, which is very common. The meds may also be a contributing factor to hurting your thyroids. So even if it is common you may need to change to something safer.
Do you have aching joints as well.

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I was going to say that perhaps dieting or changing your diet combined with stress would cause that. That was the first thought that came to mind, anyway.

Go to an acupuncturist…they have free clinics in places. That will sort you right out and start your period again. Or to a free women’s clinic for a gyno if you feel you need one. I love women’s clinics…they hold your hand and warm the speculum.

Be well…now go get a cup of nice hot tea and don’t worry….you do have options.


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I lost my period when my thyroid went hyper on me, but I had no idea what was it. I was a little shaky in my hands, thought it was stress or too much coffee, I got too hot really easily and I felt quite scatter brained and was hungry all the time and ate, but didn’t put on weight, to begin with. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I was on the pill. A friend finally talked me into going to the doctor and he did a quick blood test and I was on my way to a diagnosis. It got worse before it got better and I think it took some months for my periods to come back, even on the medication, but the system is slow and takes time to correct itself after too many months out of whack. Also, even though my thyroid was hyperactive, I only lost a little weight to begin with and then, because of my appetite and fluid retention, I puffed up something HUGE…. so, not all people with prolonged hyperthyroid get super thin, some go the other way.

Another big change was my heart rate. At it’s worst, I would have a resting pulse of 95. In the mornings, with no energy in my system, I would get up and walk to the bathroom and be exhausted from the walk and my heart would get up to 120–130bpm. Scary stuff. I thought they were panic attacks (I was in the process of loosing a franchise business through no fault of my own…) and dismissed the whole thing as a mental problem…. until my periods disappeared. The amazing thing was to get a physical disease diagnosed. I was actually very relieved. By the end of it, I was seeing a quack psychologist who managed to make me feel much worse about things and NEVER suggested seeing my GP.

I’m afraid they don’t make home thyroid tests and you do need a doctor for them.

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Some pregancy tests don’t pick up on the pregancy. You might be on menapause.

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Not really many other symptoms…really. I am kind of enjoying it. :) But I am a bit worried.

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@Pele No. Not on any birth control.

@Pandora No aching joints, but your info was very helpful. Thank you.

@DarlingRhadamanthus Thank you, dear! (((hug)))

@cazzie I get hot really easily also…and have often thought perhaps my thyroid is at fault. I probably need to check into that too.

@pshizzle I have thought perhaps I have premature menopause. But I need a damn doctor for that too!

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