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Sleeping passenger etiquette, what do you do with them?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) May 22nd, 2011

If you are on a long train or jet ride and the passenger sitting next to you falls asleep and their head comes to rest on your shoulder what do you do? Do you leave them be so long as they are not cramping your style, wake them up and alert them that they fell asleep, if you previously did not disturb them but they started drooling on you do you wake them or move them over and say nothing as to not make them feel bad? What is your policy on sleeping passengers?

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If someone falls asleep and their head drifts to my shoulder, I may shuffle a little bit, but after that I’ll probably leave them be unless it impedes my own situation. But if your head drifts anywhere other than my shoulder, you’re getting a polite but firm shove back to your own seat.

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If they are a cute girl then I leave them be.

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Lightlyseared pretty much nailed it.

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Run your fingers through their hair,gently blow in their ear,and whisper,“Get your !@#$$%^&*()(
noggin off my shoulder.”

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If they’re just gently leaning my way, I’ll leave it alone.

However, if they start drooling or pawing at me like I’m some jumbo Teddy- bear, I’ll give ‘em a little nudge and a jostle to wake them up.

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Lucy, you amaze me with your personality.

“Blow in their ear and then whisper, get your ^((&^%%% off my shoulder”!!

Nice touch.

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I would wake them gently and point out the intrusion.

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I have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, many of them on 18 or more hour flights and have never had a stranger lay their head on my shoulder. I have had a baby fall asleep in my lap an tried not to wake him but never an adult.

If that happened I would wake the person immediately (unless it was a good looking girl). I didn’t book a flight to become someone’s pillow.

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Girl: let her sleep, maybe even put my arm around her.

Guy: smack him upside the head.

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@cprevite But – you are a giant teddy bear, aren’t you?

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I would have that strange head off of me in less that one second.

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@janbb: Not the point penguin. Not the point.

So what if I’m cuddly?!

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Cotton buds up the nasal cavity, or pencils, whatever comes to hand really. If that doesn’t wake them from their slumber then try farting in their face.

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Wet willy.

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