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What small gifts should I bring for my boyfriend's family when I visit them in Colombia?

Asked by juniper (1899points) October 9th, 2009

I’m not going to have a lot of room in my suitcases, so the gifts will have to be small. I suppose they should also be relatively hardy objects, too.

I have no idea what kind of stuff to bring for a middle aged man and woman and their 23 year old son (I’ve never met them before, by the way). I’ve got the teenage daughter covered, though!

Should I bring traditional gifts or should I try to find “USA” gifts? (Maybe Montana stuff, since MT is my home state?) What do you think?

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bring gifts from here. because think about it. if someone came to visit you here from egypt, you would not want them (if they brought you anything at all) to be giving you a statue of the white house. it would be much more interesting to get liike…an egyptian blanket, or scarf or something.

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Right, so what is our exotic gift material, here? I’m drawing a blank.

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@juniper yeah im drawing a blank too, haha. ill mull this over and come back later.

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What’s their economic level? That could affect the choice.

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@TheIncomparableBenziniBrothers: Good question. They are not wealthy by any means, and they are very frugal. I don’t want to bring anything expensive.

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How about a cookbook on American cuisine? And… I’m thinking….

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@Jaybee: I like that idea! Maybe the Moosewood cookbook….kind of “country home style” stuff.

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And for the 23 year old a quality warm up with some sort of American flag or USA in it.

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@Jaybee A cookbook is an excellent idea. a round of applause!

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I like to give local honey.

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Hey and for the father you may want to depart from the American theme & get him a nice cashmere blend scarf.
Other gifts ideas: Shania Twain (I think that’s how it’s spelled) music cd. You know cause it’s country, it’s American…
Also , along with the cookbook you accomply it with spice blends like Pumpkin Pie spice.
I’m almost out of ideas.

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@kruger_d HONEY…you genius!

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Local honey is an excellent idea! Especially if it’s clearly marked Montana. If not I know they sell Texas honey & it’s got the state of Texas on the label too. Very American!

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Just be careful you package that baby well to avoid breaking.
@kruger d you are a genious!

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@kruger_d, yeah! I wonder if they would like huckleberry honey (our specialty in MT)?

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Yes! That’s an even better idea.

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Don’t you just love Flutter? I remember I had a guest coming from China and I had to buy a Christmas gift for him since everyone coming to my home was going to receive a Christmas gift from me. Well he was from China… any gift I purchased was potentially going to have ‘made in China’ on it. Even the very American item. It’s funny. Anyway, everyone here gave me so many good ideas that I was so deeply grateful as I was so holiday-related stressed out as it was. Very helpful. The cookbook idea came from one of our fellow-flutterers a couple of years ago.

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Sometimes you can’t bring produce or other “agricultural” items into other countries. You might want to check before bringing honey.
I would recommend bringing some really good chocolates, especially if there is a local chocolate company near where you live. This is usually my gift-of-choice when I visit people. Everyone loves nice chocolates.

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Give them all a syringe full of pure China White.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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I just realized (duh) that I can’t bring a cookbook written in English. His parents only speak Spanish.

Colombians are pretty proud of their own chocolate. MTs can’t really touch that stuff. :)

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