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How much bare skin in public is too much in your country?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) May 23rd, 2011

I guess the range of acceptable skin coverage could range from full nudity to no skin showing at all. I hope people will identify the country they are from and religion they follow, because these attitudes probably vary by country and religion.

Do people in your country treat male bare skin differently from female bare skin? If so, how? What are the reasons given to justify this cultural standard for acceptable bare skin?

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I have to ask how the others feel.
I do not mind even when i SEE NAKED PEOPLE where they should not be naked.

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In the USA then how much skin is shown is basically determined on the occasion. It’s acceptable to wear skimpy bathing suits in public as long as you’re at the beach or pool. Wearing a bathing suit or pieces of the bathing suit to a store, wedding, funeral, house of worship? Not so much. I believe the showing of ass-crack is frowned upon at all times in public here.

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Since I live in Indonesia with abundance of cultural differences I would say it varies widely depending on where you live. Some places outside Java Island are places with less Islamic influences even though they’re less modernized compare to Java Island itself are places where people are can choose whether or not they want to follow their tradition or religion so being half naked (for sexiness purposes) for women aren’t considered taboo for most educated people,and not a taboo at all for men. There’s this one region in my country where all women most wear religion hood (‘Jilbab’) for the rest of their life and there’s no exception for outsider females. Those who (females) violate this law will have their back whipped with thorny whip (no kidding!) and must sign a paper and make a vow not to repeat it again. Believe it or not,the local government support this and they even enforce this. The place is Aceh,often called ‘The Veranda of Mekkah’.

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@Neizvestnaya The showing of ass-crack is encouraged during nekked pancake parties.

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I’m in the UK and here, it’s about the same as the US; it depends on the location. In most public places it’s acceptable to show bare arms, shoulders. Legs up to what would be covered by a pair of shorts. If you’re at a beach or swimming pool then a bikini or swimming trunks is acceptable, but it wouldn’t be acceptable on the high street.

For most of the year our weather makes it uncomfortable to bare too much skin. It’s no fun being half naked if it’s fifty degrees and raining.

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In my country it depends on where you are. If you are at a nude beach or in a nudist colony, the wearing of any clothing at all is frowned upon. OTOH, if you are in an ultra-conservative Mosque (yes we have them here in the land of the free) any display of skin at all, particularly for women, is considered inappropriate.

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Ohhh America…
Most of your skin is accepted.

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What @downtide said only more so up here in Scotland where we go about in waterproof burkas half the year.

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Depends on where you’re from and how many horny guys are around you. You can’t judge it by what a country allows. Judge it by how you think of the situation, and whether it would be suitable or not.

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@Luiveton I’m interested in your judgment. Care to share it?

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@flutherother only half? Clearly the weather in Scotland is better than it is in Lancashire. Unless you’re being unduly optimistic.

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I have thought of this often by the Q&A I read here on Fluther. I try to hold many of those ideas to the fire and find I can’t. What is too much, or too little skin, to show here in America is quite nebulous. Where one can wear a bikini that is [POSSIBLE NSFW!]see thru, or a [POSSIBLE NSFW!]stick-on bikini, even that is a stretch, and still be legal by definition? Usually there are two grains of thinking, legal and socially acceptable. They sometimes mate up, often times it is just a nebulous mess. With a stick-on bikini, is it legal, or would it be just because you spent money on it? One could go to the hardware store and take swatches of duct tape and past it over the naughty bits and do the same. Do you wear a thong at a pool party where minors are present? Do you let teen girls wear see thru or thong swimwear to a beach or pool party? You will have some that say why not, don’t teach them to be ashamed of their body, and others will be saying that is showing way too much skin; maybe even accusing them to be attention grabbers because of low self-esteem or that they are just plain hoochie. I wish more would find this question because I think it is interesting, but IMO here in America it is a nebulous mess not even people here can fathom.

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