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When texting, what exactly do you sacrifice first to make it fit?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) May 24th, 2011

What’s considered the most important to you, grammatically? Do you feel proper spelling is more important than that last period at the end? Will you spell before b4 and two/to/too 2, but never probably prolly? Will you spell two 2, but never to or too 2 (I feel there’s a Who’s on First joke in there…)? Would you rather shorten a long word like probably to prolly and have enough characters once, or spend a long time making be as b and and as & and have the longer words have all the numbers? Do you check to make sure it’s not in passive voice?

And, are you as totally neurotic about spelling and grammar as I am?

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I just use textspeak. I have an old phone, so my texts still come individually.. it isn’t like a scrollable page of incoming and outgoing conversations. I leave out vowels, punctuation, shorten things like ‘you’ to ‘u.’
My friends and family already know that I can spell, so I’m not really worried about making a bad impression by typing ‘ilu’ instead of ‘I love you.’

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@ANef_is_Enuf This phone is over 8 years old? How is it still intact?

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Huh, no. It’s 3 years old…

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Yeah. I prefer sending a message in 3 sms than to use words shortened.

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I sacrifice nothing, and attempt to employ correct spelling and grammar every time I send a text. I loathe and detest textspeak.

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@meiosis Do you buy more messages to compensate for this?

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@MyNewtBoobs My monthly plan (paid for by my employer) includes 2,000 minutes, texts or a combination of both. I’ve never come anywhere close to using this.

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I have unlimited texts, so I just send more than one message if it won’t fit in a single one. No one has ever complained that they pay per incoming text.

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@Seelix Do people pay to receive texts?

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@meiosis – I think some plans might charge per text received, but I really don’t know. I know that many plans used to work that way. My plan has unlimited texts (incoming and outgoing), and a certain number of minutes per month. I have the setup where I have unlimited minutes for 5 phone numbers, and since I don’t use my phone much for voice calls, I’ve never gone over the minute limit.

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I sacrifice the entire act of texting.

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I spell out words. It’s easier because I use swype and using txt speak is harder than spelling the word out. I have unlimited text and data. Only my call time is limited.

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@Seelix My plan is 250 text, so you do end up counting them.

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I refuse to sacrifice anything grammatically. I’m such a Grammar’s a personality issue.

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@ddude1116 I normally am, but I also hate having a second text or tweet just for 2 words.

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never had anything to say that was long enough to squish for space. I will use the laziest way to get to the point and so far everyone gets me. A builder I work for uses perfect spelling and punctuation always and I know he’s probably driving…scary.

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