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How did you choose what you wanted to do for a career?

Asked by someonesomewhere (12points) May 25th, 2011

I am majoring In Criminal Justice,I was thinking about double majoring with that and Human resources, I always also consider double minoring in Law, History. yet, all I did was pick subjects that interest me. I’ve asked many times what actual Job I wanted but I don’t know.. For the longest time I wanted to be a social worker, Help kids who can’t help themselves but I read ALOT an I’ve read a lot of books where the child hate their social workers becuase they take them away from their families. I don’t want the kids to hate me I want them to love me, so I thought teacher, but I REALLY don’t want to end up in a class room. Any suggestions… I want to help kids better their lives and help them find purpose for themselves.

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I like building thinks from the ground up. So, I thought: “Hey, I want to be an construction worker/architect”. After one semester of Construction Management, I was like: “No thanks” and I decided I wanted to build websites instead of buildings. Here I am today as a web programmer.

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I didn’t, it kinda chose me really. I’m a locksmith , but my intention was to become a pro footballer or a stuntman….yes i’m that mad!
That’s just where the dice fell I guess. Ah well, it pays the bills anyway.

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I like observing people. That’s why I became an observer.

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Whoa, where did @The_Observer go?

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Mine chose me. I failed out of business school in college, switched majors to radio, TV and film. When I graduated the best job I could get was $5.00/hr working the night shift at a Spanish TV Station. For lack of better things to do I wound up doing sales for a distributorship my dad and uncle had teamed up on. A year later I started another company of my own. 16 years later I was offered a real good job at the company I work for now and took it on a whim. 15 years later I own it. Life is full of strange twits and turns.

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I don’t have a career yet, but here’s how I chose my major. I’ve always been fascinated by outer space, and when the Mars rovers were launched, I read up quite a bit on them and decided there would be nothing so intellectually fulfilling to me as helping to create the crafts that are used to learn about other planets. Of course, no major will lead directly to a job with NASA, but the best fit I could find is Robotics Engineering. I can think of a lot of careers that this major could lead me to that would also be satisfying if this unlikely dream does not come true. For instance, robots to aid with surgery are being developed, and helping to create those would also be a dream, as I could know that my creations are being used to help people. Now I my big challenge is actually getting this degree, as it is not an easy one, haha

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I never did choose a career (I never found anything I wanted to do that I was academically capable of). I just ended up in whatever low-skill jobs would have me.

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I wanted to be a scientist, but I didn’t have the organizational skills. When I went to med school, I thought I wanted to be a neuroscientist, but I took a course as a first year med student on primary care medicine, and I decided at that time to become a family physician. I still love science, but purely as an observer.

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I like to play in the woods. One day a friend said she’d pay me to come play in the woods at a school as long as I taught a bunch of kids while I was doing it.

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I would say read this blog for guidance.
How To Know What You Want To Do In Life
About me? I think I am still in the phase of finding out. Here’s what I’ve been through so far. After school, I wanted to go for arts (drawing), but I went for science taking both maths & biology. Then, I tried for medical colleges, but then I also got admission for engineering, Since, I was good with maths, I went for engineering; got electronics engineering. After some days, in 2nd round of admission, I changed it to mechanical engineering. I completed that. After graduating, I wanted to do M.S. in U.S. but due to financial problems, I studied for an entrance exam for post graduation in India. I failed 2 times. I started a job; I didn’t want to work in manufacturing, but, unfortunately, I got job in manufacturing. While doing job, I applied for marine engineering, passed tests, but thrown out because of I have glasses. Then, I thought, I would go to design, so I did a course in CAD. I didn’t get any job there. While continuing same job in manufacturing, I appeared entrance again, this time, I passed with 90% marks. Then, I could get admission to masters in design, but I chose Industrial engineering. I finished that. After completing that, I thought to try animation, so I did a modular course in animation. Then, I got job in manufacturing again, I am continuing with this job. Now, I ponder over what I should do in future. Let’s see.

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Find about your key strengths and how they can contribute and add value.

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