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To go where no one has gone before, which position would you take?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) May 25th, 2011

Whether you’re a Trekkie or not, which position in the Star Trek USS Enterprise would best suit your personality? If you don’t see the designation you have in mind, feel free to make your own and explain why you will be perfect for that job. Thanks and hope you have fun posting!

The Captain
The Science Officer
The Chief Medical Officer
The Chief Engineer
The Helm Officer ( controls the ship’s speed and altitude )
The Communications Officer
The Navigator and Weapons Officer
The Transporter Chief ( beams you up or down from different locations )

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The helm officer. I’ve done this while in the navy, so I have the most experience with it, and it’s fun.

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The Transporter Chief, because I like to beam people.

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Aw, man. I thought this was gonna be NSFW

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Captain with Science Officer as a close second.

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@Blueroses It could still be if you play your cards right. How about letting Captain Kirk explore the outer rim of Uranus? Now come on, that’s an offer a girl can’t refuse! ;¬}

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Ship’s Counselor. I’m nosy, I’d love having all the dirt on everyone. I know that wasn’t listed, but too bad. That’s what I want. So there.

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Definitely the communicatons officer. Doubling as ship comic, with nightly poetry readings.

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I was just laughing at Worf’s line yesterday; “The Kardashians have no honor. I do not trust them.” I know it’s Cardassians, it’s funnier the other way.

Really, I’d go for Comm officer too. The uniform is cute and I’m only responsible for repeating what the computer says.

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I have the ability to do all of those positions.

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Science Officer. I’d want to be like the annoying one played by David Hewlett in SG Atlantis (or his girlfriend…darn that Kaylee.. I mean Jewel Staite)

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Navigation officer. I’m good at finding my way and reading maps. Not so sure about weapons though.

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@downtide The Helm Officer sometimes takes over that duty so you’re good. : )

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Captain Zen ;o)

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The Navigator and Weapons Officer

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I would have to say Neelix, because he was the chef on Voyager.

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I want Weapons Officer, don’t know if I want Navigation though.

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Bartender Isaac Washington

Oh-oh that’s “love Boat”

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@Tropical_Willie Not to worry, ST Next Gen. has an equivalent character named Guinan.

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I agree with @JilltheTooth, I would want to be the ship’s counselor.

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@YoBob I’ll re-learn how to make “Shirley Temples” and “Roy Rogers”. I know I pour a beer or wine.

Some underage members of the crew

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@Tropical_Willie Earthbound drinking age doesn’t apply in space. If you’re old enough to navigate a starship, you can have a beer. Not at the same time, obviously.

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I would be the teacher.

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Can I be the interior decorator? Those ships could be made much more fashionable and appealing. I’m imagining soft rose and turquoise accessories with black accents to go with the gray interiors

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Head bartender in 10 forward… or ships counselor… or ship designer… or the guy who fixes or programs the Holodeck, but not the guy who cleans it.. Who knows what NSFW stuff needs to be cleaned up after a couple of uses…. I also noticed that none picked barber… Mort had some minor roles.

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