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Line etiquette and saving places, where do you stand? tee hee.

Asked by tinyfaery (42454points) May 25th, 2011

I’ve been holding on to this question for over a year. I hope it was worth the wait.

As many of you know, I frequent amusement parks, especially Disneyland. I have gone to Disneyland with anywhere from 1 other person to more than a dozen other people.

For me and mine we don’t think it’s right to save places for a lot of people. If someone has to go to the bathroom or someone goes to get snacks, sure, save them a place. But, we think it’s wrong for one person in line to save a place for so many people. It’s rude. Others have waited, sometimes a long time, and it’s discourteous to just jump in a line at any time just because someone you know is in that line. Really, it’s considered cutting, and most parks have rules against it.

I know what’s it like to go to Disneyland (or any other park) with lots of people; you want to get the most for your time and money, but I would never save a place for many people, nor would I be the one to cut in front of others.

So, what do you think? What’s the etiquette?

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Someone using the bathroom, whatever. But saving spots for 12 people that are meeting you there and aren’t even in the park or something? Not cool.

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2–3 people max.

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Amusement Park: I think you can hold a spot in line for the number of people who will ride in one car with you (if the operator doesn’t seat strangers together). Same for ski lift lines. Anyone else get the hell in line in the order they arrived, same as everyone else.

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I would say a couple. Not a large group. Rude!

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I think its ok if everyone is already in line before they leave to use the bathroom or whatever. Say John, Jim and Jen are at the amusement park when Jim and Jen need to both use the bathroom. Instead of asking John to wait in line while they use the bathroom, they should all get in line and then they should leave for the bathroom while John waits. That way, the people behind them know that they were in line.

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I usually say something.

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With as much money as Disney has, I don’t understand why their waiting system isn’t at least as good as the average Deli counter. Why don’t they hand out numbers and have a digital display that shows the next sequence that will board? Then everyone can relax, get numbers for multiple rides if they want and probably spend more money on concessions and games than they do if they’re spending half the day standing on line.

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I wouldn’t hold a place in line for anyone who wasn’t there with me at some point and had to step away temporarily. Nor would I go to join somebody already in line. I have some relatives who have no qualms about grabbing a place in line, but I would be absolutely mortified to sashay up to them like I’m just taking my rightful place with them. If they really want my company there in line, they can come join me in the back.

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The WORST place in the country for saving places is UTAH! It is my pet peeve and it drives me crazy. I suppose it is because they have large families and they go everywhere together. That part is fine, but that doesn’t excuse them for being rude and obnoxious. When they are going to a venue of any sort, they send one family member first, with a roll of masking tape, and literally tape off three rows of seats for the family members who will be coming later. They block the airport with an army of relatives when a family member is coming home from a mission. For parades, they will send a family member to save a BLOCK along the parade route. For that reason, I don’t attend the parades and activities here.

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I’m fine with a few people – Dad holding a space for Mom and the kids. The busload of people can wait their turn.

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It doesn’t bother me if one or two people join the line because someone’s been saving them a place. If someone has to leave the line to use the bathroom or whatever, then of course it’s fine for them to come back to their place. I’ll save strangers’ places in situations like that.

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I’m with you. One or two people is fine, but a whole boatload is something else and should not happen.

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I’m with @Seelix

I am not easily stressed by waiting some. A few people, not a problem for me.

I’m one of those that often tells someone with less than me to go ahead in the grocery store too.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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I’m English. As such, I can form an orderly queue of one. People jumping a queue are beyond the pale. Fine if they had to leave a long queue to visit the toilet, but anything else just isnt cricket. Poor show.

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@Coloma if you can maintain that attitude after waiting 90+ minutes in the sun only to have a family of 12 cut the line in front of you just as you’re about to get to the front… I nominate you for sainthood.

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I can’t walk or stand for a long time, so I always rent a wheel chair, and they take me and my party (usually 3 or 4 people) to the front of the line anyway.

The last time I went to Disneyland, I took my knitting, and I waited in line with everyone else, in my wheelchair, and knitted an entire bathroom rug in one day.

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That’s extreme, I’d get pissy after 90 minutes in the sun. I do NOT like being hot and sweaty, at all! lol

And, just to dampen my saintly picture a bit more, I most detest the sneaky, passive aggressive, weasel into the line types that think they are so slick. lol

NO, patient, but not saintly. haha

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If people are in line, and leave then come back, that’s one thing. One person getting in line and the others off doing something else and coming in once the line gets close, nope.

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I can see saving one or two seats, but not more. With waiting in line, I’ve been embarrassed to be in a tour group when the tour leader leads the group to the head of the line. You can’t exactly insist on waiting, particularly if you don’t speak the language of the country. This has happened in countries other than the U.S. Has anyone seen it happen in the U.S. with tourist groups from other countries? I understand they have itinerary schedules, but still.

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I agree, @Sunny2 . That happened to me when I went on a Disney cruise. My daughter was an actress on the ship, so the pass she got me was a VIP pass of some sort. When taking the shuttle from the hotel to the boat dock, the shuttle bus driver put me in front of the line, when there were paying guests with little kids who had been waiting a long time. I felt terrible. I wouldn’t have minded waiting.

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All the same, the best time that I ever had at Disneyland came in the wake of maternal neck problems that netted Mater a temporary ‘Handicapped’ status. The park granted her (and her kids, natch) permission to enter a ride or other attraction via the exit, bypassing the hour-long wait. My fledgling empathy was crushed by the tide of opportunity, and so I found myself not even thinking about the people in line. I rode Space Mountain three times that day, by which point the magic had worn thin and I could see the roller coaster’s rails.

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