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"I am so unlucky, if I __________________________________."?

Asked by rebbel (32411points) May 28th, 2011

Today on the radio I heard an interview with a guy who was going to publish a book full of quotes he found on the internet.
One of which was, if I recall right, from a golf player.
He said: ”I am so unlucky, if I would buy a cemetery, people would stop dying.
Can you make a funny variation on it?

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I am so unlucky, if I die and there is such a thing as reincarnation, I’ll come back as my self.

Source: Rodney Trotter of the tv show Only Fools And Horses

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That, if I answered this question, it would just be no good….

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I am so unlucky that if I win the lottery, that will be the day the “end of the world” prediction would come true.

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I’m so unlucky that if it was raining pussy, I would get hit with a dick.

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I’m so unlucky, that if I am handed the brass ring [or catch the bouquet] I drop it.
And have done all of the above more than once.

AlsoI am so unlucky that if I had a winning lottery ticket I would never know as I lose them or forget about them. The one time someone else held one for me he threw it away because I got only 4 of the 5 numbers.

we make our own luck.

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can’t answer now. @ovisaries cannot be beaten.

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