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Which notable people, other than the entertainers/celebrities, died in 2016?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 3rd, 2017

That is, according to the mainstream media? Is it me or have they only been writing and talking about the Carrie Ficher, Reynolds, Prince, Bowie…? Why is the media hostile to the Janet Renos or Ariel Sharons or others in people in other fields? And I don’t mean it’s just 2016, it»‘s just an example?

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Did they mention that on the End of Year Review though?

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In no particular order, to name a few…

John Glenn
Elie Wisel
Harper Lee
Fidel Castro
Nancy Reagan
Antonin Scalia
Vera Rubin

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The actor who was inside R2D2 died in 2016.

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