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Can I hire a process server to deliver a personal letter?

Asked by marmoset (1260points) May 30th, 2011 from iPhone

I need to send a formal “you are not to contact me in any way” letter to my ex, in a way that proves he personally received it. Because I do not want to share any actual address with him (not even my po box), I need to find a solution other than certified mail. A process server was suggested, but as I google, it looks like they’re for delivering court documents only? Are there any options like them but not only for court documents? Please note I can’t just get a restraining order; I’m looking specifically for help with sending this letter. Thanks.

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What about a special courier???

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The best way to find out would be to call a process server local to you, explain the situation and ask if they can help. It never hurts to ask. Even if they can’t do it they will probably be able to suggest someone who can.

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Could you get someone else to send it to him on your behalf? A friend? Or a lawyer? Or a charity like Women’s Aid?

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Maybe a notary could deliver and give you evidence of receipt. There should be a local notary you could ask.

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You are dealing with a domestic situation that no one will want to be involved. I seriously doubt if a process server would want this job. Many servers have been assaulted in their regular job. Being involved in an “off-duty” serving for a private person is not a good idea. People are unpredictable, as you have probably witnessed on the tv shows.

Your best bet is a Restraining Order. Let the correct people serve this paper, They are prepared for whatever the results might be.

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Why do you think sending a letter to him like this will change the situation? If you don’t even want him to know your post office box, it sounds like you are afraid of him. Why contact him at all? Just stay away, if you don’t want a restraining order. Remember too, there are safe houses.

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@marmoset What you are saying in different words is , as @john65pennington says, is called a Restraining Order.

Contact the proper authorities.
It gives you legal standing if he contacts you.

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I agree that you could have a courier deliver the letter, and he could serve as a witness that it was delivered.

You could have your attorney write the letter, and they could have their courier service deliver it or could send it certified mail from their offices.

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A no contact order or restraining order issued by the court would be your best option. That and a recorder on your phone to document any illegal contact.

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If you have the $$$ all you have to do is ask around. SOMEONE will gladly take the job.

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