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Who do you believe was the best president in United States history? Why?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) May 31st, 2011

Who do you believe was the best president in US history? Why do you think this?

Just curious.

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My man Frank Delano! Lol. And I shouldn’t have to explain why.

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George Washington. He set the tone for the new country, he was judicious and wise.

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Teddy Roosevelt.

Because he wasn’t a bitch and he was made of awesome and win.

In all honesty, I prefer his non-presidential life to his presidency itself. That said, I’m fond of Thomas Jefferson, Washington, and Eisenhower as well, all for different reasons.

I don’t like any presidents we’ve had since 1963.

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Washington and Jefferson.

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Washington was great, because he created the country.

Lincoln saved the union when it was in danger of breaking apart.

FDR saved the system when it could have become communist.

They are all equal in my opinion.

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Abraham Lincoln. He decided to enforce, with no legal basis or precedent, the notion that particular states could not drop out of the Union. The North American continent is better for that.

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Not a huge fan of presidents.

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The ones who died the soonest.

Basically all of them have continued and often built upon the continued theft of land and genocide this country was built upon.

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Kennedy, because he kept Khrushchev out of Cuba while banging Marilyn Monroe.
Gotta love a guy who multi-tasks!

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Monroe, for the Monroe Doctrine,imo. this country would be a whole lot better off if we had adhered to it over a hundred years ago, instead we avoided it, or the banking interests had no interest; a country rich in natural resource with many advantages economically. Instead they want to flood across our borders when now it should be the reverse-peso is stronger. I may be sliding over there before all is said and done.

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I don’t believe there was a best president in history. I surmise each had their good points and bad points. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. So true, so true.:)

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Thomas Jefferson. Many of his ideas are still relevant or even ahead of our time (e.g. the need to control corporations; and explaining why Intellectual Property laws are foolish and insupportable), but the more we listen to them, the better.

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Abraham Lincoln, because he pulled America back together.

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William Henry Harrison, because he was in office the shortest time, therefore had the least time to screw things up.

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