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2011 VW GTI vs 2012 VW Jetta GLI?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) May 31st, 2011 from iPhone

So I’m in the NA market for a new car and I am familiar with the GTI, but am aware a new GLI will hit dealerships soon. Anyone have an opinion? I know the GLI will be manufactured in Germany with a more upscale interior as opposed to the new “Americanized” jettas. Factor everything in, performance, build quality, coolness factor, and interior comfort is very important.
Also, if someone could compare the Dynaudio system in the GTI Vs the Fender system in the GLI.

Also note this will be my first car and I am a male (I don’t want the chick car). Also, whichever car I choose, I would pick the highest trim possible (autobahn w/ nav)

Thanks fluther!

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GTI. You can carry more stuff in a hatchback.

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Why not a Scirocco? Has a bit less rear passenger space, but it looks a lot cooler.

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Sadly, Sciroccos have not been sold in the US since 1988.

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Word is the new Scirocco coming to the US soon, in 2011 or 2012. Really wish they would bring the new Polo over here.

But to answer your question, GTI for sure. Much more practical and way more fun than the Jetta GLI.

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The Jetta has always been a half-assed Golf/Rabbit. Same basic chassis and all, less cargo space, and often gets too fancy for it’s own good and sacrifices longevity and reliability in the process.

If you want an upscale interior, redecorate your living room. I actually prefer cloth seats over leather, and many of the things that other people consider to add class to an interior are things that either break quickly and/or look like shit after not too long. Do you plan to ditch this car 2–3 years down the road, or do you plan to actually keep it long enough to pay it off? What is cool now may not be cool later, so think about how the car will age. Think about durability.

Stock sound systems were meant to be replaced by anybody who cares about sound, and can often be done for less than what the car dealer charges for the better stereo.

Given that you are looking at these two, I am under the impression that you are more about style and/or comfort than anything else, so I would save your money and look for a certified pre-owned BMW or Mercedes Benz. If I am wrong and you actually care about performance, look towards Mazda and Nissan. All have build quality, and I honestly think VW jumped the shark there about twenty years ago. As much as I love the A2 Golf and classic Beetle, I don’t trust any VW made after about 1992; they seem to have forgotten how to make a reliable electrical system. And when it comes to cool, a “hot hatch” will beat any non-luxury sedan any day of the week. If you want to a cool sedan, you need a luxury brand name, and VW pales in comparison to BMW or MB… or even their sister, Audi.

If you are stuck on VW then go with the GTI. If not, tell me what you really want and I will do my best to help you find the best car for those desires.

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I secound what @jerv said. The minute you drive off the lot, you’ll lose 25–45% value of the car (in general) why not get a pre-owned car?
For the same amount of money you can buy more car. Therefore as @jerv said go for a BMW (I’d recommend a 1 or 3 series). They’re just built so tight! and the performance will blow you away, not to mention that driver-to-road connection you can only ‘feel/sense’ in a BMW.

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How would you guys compare a used (say 2009–2010) BMW 328i or 335i to a new BMW 128i?

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Part of that depends on on how much space you like. Now, space and comfort are not related. My old Corsica was rather small and tight, but probably the most comfortable car I ever had; the seats were great and all of the controls were right where they needed to be. Personally, I find smaller cars more comfortable overall despite being six feet tall, but it is a personal preference.

More later when I have more than a few minutes to type.

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