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How to draw out a microscopic splinter!

Asked by tan235 (877points) June 1st, 2011

I need help.
I’m going insane.
I have a splinter that I can’t see in my toe, I can feel it when I walk but otherwise it doesn’t exist.
I’ve had this weird sharp pain for a week, I’m assuming it’s a splinter as it hurts in a very particular area.
I have tried : the potato, hydrogen peroxide, a needle, hot water and baking soda – I think I’ve tried everything.
How do I get this out, there is a tiny tiny black dot where I’ve dug into my foot, just under my big toe so I’m guessing it’s there.
I can’t see anything really.
It’s driving me insane.

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Duct tape!

No, really…. put some tape over it and then quickly pull it off. The tape will adhere to the little sticker and they usually come out when you rip the tape off.

Chalk up another one for the wisdom of grandma’s home remedies.

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But I think it’s below the surface, I can’t feel any tip with my finger… man it’s soooo annoying.

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In that case the only option I know of is a needle, a good magnifying glass, and someone you trust to dig around down there.

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I was going to suggest the duct tape too or food coloring to identify the location but if you’ve already broken it off below the surface of the skin, I’m afraid you have to live with it until it disintegrates or works itself out.

I feel for you. It’s the worst.

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what is this food colouring you speak of @Blueroses, would that work if i can’t find it yet?
I’ll try that!

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@tan235 You paint the area with food coloring and a Qtip, if it’s a porous material, it will be darker than the skin and if it’s non-porous it will resist the color. Then you can grab a magnifying glass (or reading glasses) and good sharp tweezers.
This worked for me when I fell into a cactus. Grrr. Stupid cacti.

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oh goodness ouch!
Ok i’m totally trying that, I can’t see anything but I know it’s a splinter!

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could you get the splinter out from your toe? If yes, then what did you do to solve this problem? I got 2 microscopic splinters in my middle finger about 1.5 weeks ago. They both are not on the surface of the skin but makes pain and discomfort every now and again… The skin is not red and I can’t even see where exactly it is. I also have tried many things: needle, salty water, aloe, duct tape – nothing worked out…


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Hi, there!

I see this is old topic but I can help someone by sharing my own experience. I was suffering once from splinter for 2 months and went to surgeon, he cut my finger and after it healed I didnt feel any splinter anymore! But there is a better solution for it. Recently I was suffering from splinter in my index finger for one week. Today i went to sauna and what you think – it went out itself! I think it happened because skin pores opened when i was in sauna and splinter went out with sweat. I really advice to do it before you try any other method which is more risky. Hope this helps you too if you get in trouble with splinter!


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Im having almost same problem but in my index is being there for 2 days already and I can’t see anything or worse yet don’t remember how could happen ? I tried the hot water nothing happen I don’t know what to try next? since my finger looks fine just hurt .

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