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Do you think Casey Anthony will be found guilty of capital murder?

Asked by erikaziger (345points) June 2nd, 2011

I have been paying very close attention to the trial of State vs. Casey Anthony. A few days this week I watched the live stream coverage of witnesses on the stand and overall displays of evidence. I read a book about the disappearance of the child and subsequent arrest of the mother written a few years ago. I know the trial is only in it’s second week, but how do you think it is going? My gut tells me that Anthony is guilty of premeditated murder, but I honestly think she will be acquitted because there simply isn’t enough evidence to show SHE killed the child. Usually you need DNA on the body or an eye witness who can place the defendant near the crime scene. Also her lawyers seem grossly under-prepared, yet at this point it does not seem to matter. What do you think? Looking for answers from people who have also been following the case.

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I think she will be found guilty, but I really doubt she will get a death sentence.

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Did you follow any of the Scott Peterson trial? He was accused of murdering his pregnant wife. He was found guilty and there was no evidence, DNA, etc. to actually prove he committed the murder. I belive he was guilty. I think Casey Anthony will be found guilty and I hope she lives every single day of the rest of her life in prison. The opening argument accused her dad of knowing the baby drowned and hid the body. How can you live with yourself by throwing your dad under the bus?

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There is no doubt in my mind that she is guilty, that she will be found guilty, and she will never breathe as a free citizen again.

However, I hope she is denied the death penalty, as I am philosophically opposed to the practice.

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i hope so.

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@chyna, Yes I agree the defense about drowning in the pool is ridiculous and unconvincing. I am sure her whole family is devastated.

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I don’t believe one word of the defense. I feel such sympathy for George and Cindy Anthony having to sit in that courtroom and hear that bullshit accusation of abuse and complicity on the part of George, knowing that now they not only have to testify against their own child but defend themselves from Casey’s lies.

The defense doesn’t even believe what they’re saying. It’s so twisted and nothing hangs together. They deal with each fabrication as a separate issue and it’s so illogical. The meter reader who found the body actually may have put the body there? WTF? That’s so random. Where else does Kronk fit into the story? What motivation would he have?

The invention of the mysterious babysitter/kidnapper years before the child died? The defense can’t even come up with anything plausible to explain that one.

There is not a human in the world who could hold her dead child and then hours later go out drinking and participate in a great body contest. This girl is a sociopath and a monster. Lock her up forever.

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@blueroses I completely agree that she is a monster and a sociopath. I am just trying to pretend that I am a member of the jury. What would I think? Is there really enough there?

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I would think: “If my toddler was missing and I were innocent, would I be able to shop and party as though nothing had happened without mentioning a thing to anyone for over a month? No? Didn’t think so.”

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I have actually wondered if the family, who she is a product of, knew she would go with the defense that her dad did it, she was abused by her dad and brother, et al; to assist in garnering reasonable doubt in a juror/jurors’ mind(s).

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@bkcunningham I thought about that, too. If she was truly sexually abused by her brother, why would she name her child after him? Casey, Lee =Caylee. No, you only do that when you admire someone.

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@bkcunningham I wondered about that also but then I thought about how hard the defense pushed to have the parents excluded from the gallery during the trial and the look on George Anthony’s face when he heard that accusation. I don’t think it was the look of a man who expected what he was hearing.

@erikaziger Yes, I have tried to think as an objective juror. I don’t think the defense is at all convincing and I think the prosecution is.

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I missed the first couple of days of the trial. I didn’t see George Anthony’s face when he heard that accusation. I’ve known some pathological liars and none were as good as Casey appears. So the state is seeking the death penalty? I missed that too.

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Yes, the judge ruled that there was no gender-bias in seeking the death penalty which was the defense argument. The state of FL will ask for a death sentence.

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she’ll get 20 to life. She’ll also get an appeal, with the same result.

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Yes, I do think she will be convicted.

I am opposed to the death penalty but I wouldn’t be surprised if she got it. The evidence of her partying it up and screwing like a horny rabbit after her daughter disappeared is VERY damning. It won’t fly with the jury and they will likely opt for the death penalty in the light of such cruelty and disregard.

I don’t agree with the death penalty though. It’s far too light. I want her to rot in prison for the rest of her life and get sodomised and beaten by the other inmates as she lives with the guilt of what she did.

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@seekingwolf she will never, ever spend one day in g pop-she’ll be in lock down for all her prison days, which for her will be hell

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The woman does seem to be a bit of an attention whore. I hear the lock-down is extremely isolating and can cause insanity. Good. I really do believe she’s guilty and I think she deserves the most painful type of torture for the rest of her days, whether it be physical or mental. Death would be too good for her.

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The defense does seem to be completely random and all over the place… I can’t imagine in what reality this defense would even hold up. She is guilty for sure.

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I think she is a vain, narcissist and tried to put caylee to sleep with fatal results, then covered it up, thinking the body would never, ever be found. She’ll enjoy her cult following in jail. I do think she’ll be freed around age 50 or so

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I hope she won’t be but we’ll see. :( She doesn’t deserve to walk free. I feel really badly for her daughter. What a horrific end to a young life.

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I believe that since it’s all circumstantial evidence against Casey (no DNA, No Smoking Gun) that she won’t get the death penalty but she’ll definitely spend the rest of her life in jail…
At least I hope so! I’m praying there isn’t a hung jury…I’ve been watching this on HLN and a couple of HLN commentators have brought up juror number 4 the one who said she finds it difficult to judge others and they have said that she only writes notes on things that favor the defense and Casey….ugh!

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Well, not guilty of murder. Guilty of six counts of lying to a police officer. Unbelievable.

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This is why I have no respect for the criminal justice system.

Some of the most important decisions rest on twelve people who apparently lived under a rock and managed to remain oblivious to the world around them for three years.

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