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What name would you choose for OTHER jellies?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23137points) June 4th, 2011

Inspired by this question about choosing a new name for yourself.

If you were to provide user names for other jellies, what would you choose for them? Would you base it on their personality? Their wit? Their hobbies? Their avatar of choice?

***PLEASE, no mean or tacky names for your fellow jellies (unless you choose to play with MY name, and I know I’m a bitch, so don’t hold back, LOL.) Just be kind to the other jellies who may not appreciate it!

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I would change @WillWorkForChocolate‘s name to WillStripForChocolate. :P

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I’d go with whatever first pops into my head based on their posts if I’m familiar enough with them. Once upon a time, I picked a song for just about every member of based on my readings of their interactions.

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If I answer this question honestly, I’d get banned :-p

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@Neizvestnaya that could be very funny if people didn’t get offended. For instance, I’d call @HungryGuy Horrorsheoworshipper for this question. For the song question you asked on another forum, I’d call him

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@HungryGuy Oh come on! Share some.

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Glad you appreciated it my writer friend. Now offer up some of your own.

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lucillelucillelucille: AHHSHADDAP or QuintsLovah
Symbeline: ZombehNoodles
Blueroses: UnicornsAndRainbows just to piss her off.
bob_: LittleFriendlyMexicanWithASandwich
LadyMia69: TicklingStinky because of a really epic story she told a while back. Hope she dun mind. :D
YARNLADY: IActuallyReallyJustLikeYams
Augustlan: HBIC
Gailcalled: lolbrbttyli<3u
Jeruba: duhi<3u2ttylprolly

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Mmmm… I have no idea. :O
I know if my brother had a Fluther I’d call him WoogyWoogy or HuggyBear. :D:D:D:D:D<3

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@Vunessuh “Little”? What the hell is that supposed to mean?


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I’m afraid I will not answer this question. Your egos are big enough as it is already.

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@queenie would be named I’mSoBritishItHurts. :)

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@queenie Is that my ego in my pocket or…

queenie: jailbait

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I think you know what I would call you @KatemyMate.

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@bob_ Uhm… ( Clears throat )

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Ha! Love these!

I think I’d name bob_: GoMakeMeASandwich
Queenie would be: CutieBritQueen
erichw1504 would be: BRBDinner
KatetheGreat would be: AmazingKate
JilltheTooth would be: MyTeethWearPants
KatawaGrey would be: BlueChicksHaveTails
Vunessuh would be: LoverofSpatulas
Symbeline would be: ICanHazZombie
Noelleptc would be: ItPutsTheLotionOnItsSkin

…I’ll have to think of some more!

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Willworkforchocolate = WillBitchforChocolate

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@WillWorkForChocolate = WillRipChocolateUnceremoniouslyFromYourHand

@queenie = Inquisitivequeenie

@KatetheGreat = SingSingASong

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I haven’t talked to anyone enough to know what to call them. D:

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@FutureMemory LOVE IT! @tedibear Yeah, that sounds about right, haha!

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@Vunessuh HBIC? Is that HeadBitchInCharge? If so, I’m down for that.

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@augustlan Yup! You are the HBIC ‘round these parts. :D

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@queenie should be @smellie.

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^ And He should be @erichfromouterspace15000000004

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Hey, that’s my username!

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@queenie looks like it has already been taken.

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Oh dear Lord… /facepalm

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@WillWorkForChocolate should be “Sparticus.”

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Nope. I want to change my name to “KillsWithAShovel”. It’s my new Native American name.

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Lol @WillWorkForChocolate…In grades 9 and 10, a few friends used to call me SkipALoop. They said it was my native/aboriginal name because of how I used to wear two belts together. One belt was in the loops of my jeans, the other was below that belt of loops. I’m not sure I want to find out the meaning of yours. :P

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@PluckyDog I had to murder a gigantic snake the other day, and I only had a shovel with which to kill it. With @Dutchess_III and a couple other people, it’s getting to be a running joke with me now. :P

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My son’s Indian name in Boy Scouts was Crazy Squirrel!

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