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How can one be more content with the status quo when needs be?

Asked by glenjamin (2497points) June 7th, 2011

So, I’m looking for a change but the reality is that I have good reason to stay where I’m at, at least for now. I’ve been itching to get out of here for awhile now but convenience is a factor, along with some other benefits of staying put. So how can I become more ok with the status quo when I desire change? How can my rational mind win over my emotions just for a bit (well like a year)? Any advice? btw this is about my job, and my reasons for staying are convenience, comfortability, fringe benefits (like being able to work from home whenever so I can watch my kids), salary is decent, not high stress, I have a year left to finish my masters—reasons for leaving are boredom, uninterested with work, too much downtime in certain periods, not learning new skills, not too much social interaction, underutilized skills, e.t.c. been there 4&½ yrs. Am I just impatient? Does this itch come from my youth and my desire to explore? What can I do to make it easier on myself to just stick it out for awhile longer?

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It’s about being comfortable with your choice. If you make the choice based on a careful consideration of all the factors, then you are more likely to be comfortable with it. If you keep second-guessing yourself, then it is likely there is something important to you that you are not conscious of yet. You have to figure out what that is so you can include it in your calculation.

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Why not look for a new job while you are staying? I am not sure why you are staying since the negatives you laid out seen to far outweigh the positives. What would it hurt to look?

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Develop and outside interest or spend more time figuring out how to make what you are doing more interesting.

I once had a reception job that involved long hours of doing absolutely nothing. I took up drawing/designing costumes and needlework patterns during the down time.

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Don’t know. I am not now and have never been content with the status quo. I’m in my 60’s now and I expect that I will try to change things when I am sent to a retirement home (against my will).

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Do it while you can. Take the risk while young and are able to. If you are bored, move on.
I have a hard time when things get stagnant. I need new challenge in career always.
Don’t hold yourself back because culture says otherwise!
Follow your drive and dreams and gut.

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I’m in a similar position- I have to stay where I am for the time being for many reasons. There are too many loose ends to tie up and I am not willing to uproot my daughter from an excellent school just yet to move into the broad, amazing unknown, yet. I’m with @Ron_C—I never have been content with the status quo and grew up with a “never be satisfied” mantra (for better or worse…) so, what I do for myself is to look for small things that can be changed or improved like bad habits, taking up a new activity, learning something new on the side, taking on a new project, reading a different genre of books, meeting new people, rebuilding bridges, signing my daughter up for a new activity, helping her with her girl scout badge projects, finishing old projects—anything to make the status quo less stagnant.
The status quo doesn’t always have to be what’s outside of you, but inside too :D

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