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Were you born a leader or are you a follower?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) June 8th, 2011

Have you ever wondered how certain people in life, are leaders and others are followers? Why is this? Is it the month and year they were born or is it in their inherited genes? Can a follower ever become a leader? Can a leader fall from grace and become a follower? If a persons future is determined by their birthdate, say children born in December are born leaders, then everyone would conceive their children nine months earlier to be a December baby. Question: if this occured, would this eliminate all followers, since everyone would now be a leader?

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I am a born leader, much to my chagrin. Even when I try not to be in a leadership position, I usually end up in one.

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I was born in December, and I am a leader. I’m also a very good follower. I overcame innate shyness to develop my leadership skills in my professional life, but, like Marinelife, people tend to look to me for leadership even when I’m not wearing the hat.

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(I don’t think your time of birth has anything to do with leadership abilities…)

I’m a follower, and sometimes, I’m really content with being a worker bee, but I also feel a leadership personality bubbbling up inside of me lol.

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In crowds I’m a follower, when in presence of few I’m a leader.

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Leader…I can’t follow for very long and many a person has my boots prints up their back! I also believe followers can become leaders and often do when their current leadership fails them and they realize they can do a better job. I also know many are very content just following along.

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I was born a leader. Decisions I made, circumstances I was in, and the road I’ve travelled have turned me into a follower. I’m now the man who stands behind the man and makes sure all the details are taken care of.

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I’m a yellow brick road pedestrian, although sometimes I wanna be Glinda ;¬}

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To be honest, I don’t know what I am.

I am certainly not a follower. I dislike authority, I like to do things my way, I always try and put my self in situations where im my own boss, and so on.

However, I don’t think I’m a leader. I did lead a guild of over 400 mmorpg players for about 8 months, and I would probably make a good dictator or tyrant. But I still can’t quite picture my self in a permanent position where I am leading others.

I have the capability to lead, but rather than lead masses I preffer to lead smaller groups. I would make a good cult leader, or good event organizer. I would be a terrible president and even worse army sargent.

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I’m bossy,baby! :)

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I walk my own path. I am not a follower, and if anyone follows me that’s fine, but I am not going to clear a path for you.

I have been in management at various levels for a long time. I work to help people find the best way to do their own job and succeed at what they do. Standing over others to micro manage them takes too much time and keeps me from doing my job.

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I’m definitely not a born leader. I hate it. I don’t enjoy being a follower either but I don;t see that I have any choice.

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Much more of a leader. Infact I am an Enneagram fan and I consistently test as the 7 ( the enthusiast) with the 8 wing ( leader).

I am a pro-active, take charge type, but, not in a controlling manner.

I think that most often it is the more extroverted personalities that tend towards leadership, but certainly not always.

My creative, enthusiastic side is stronger I believe, and with it comes my never ending need to subjugate my lack of discipline. lol

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@Blackberry, just clearing up my meaning here—I certainly know that a date of birth has zilch to do with any capabilities—I was simply playing to John’s specific hypothetical posed in his question. [If a person’s future is determined by their birthdate, say children born in December are born leaders.] Sorry to have left such a stupid-looking dent on my name.

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Apparently, I’m a leader, because I was inducted into this organization from which I won a recognition award (I’m honestly not even sure for what) and I was elected chairman of the PR committee for my local branch of this organization as well.

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I’m a much better follower but would step up to the plate and handle it and make calls if it boils down to that.

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I’m no leader whatsoever. I can’t do it, and in the few chances where I tried, I didn’t like it. I can’t handle the stress of people depending on me. I don’t think I have the proper mindframe for leadership, because whether it’s organizing something or seeing a project through or whatever, my biggest concern is always failure. I don’t think real leaders see it like this at all.
I’m not really a follower either, but still more than a leader, if only under the default factor of having to go to work and all.
I don’t say I completely march by my own beat, but I do stand on the lines a lot, and raid dead bodies of their sacks of gold lol. I’m a good for nothing opportunist! :D

I don’t know what makes a leader/follower, but it could have to do with innate traits, or conditioned elements from one’s society and environment. And even then, such traits would compliment what is within already, but I suppose pressure and influence can twist that idea quite a lot. Not sure it has anything to do with birthdays though.

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@Symbeline Don’t kid yourself. You are a born leader. It’s just that the big event that will awaken the leader in you has not happened yet. Zombie invasion. Tell me I’m wrong!

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@mazingerz88 I’m not arguing with that one. :)

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@Symbeline Wow, for some reason I just thought of an idea for a zombie movie where the unlikely heroic bunch who saved the day were all socially undesirable mental patients who escape from asylum and led by an escaped girl also, who was held captive in a basement for years by a really bad guy.

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lmao nice, a bit of a mix between Zombieland and Martyrs. I’d totally watch your movie.

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I’m a leader is what my principal says whenever I end up in his office.

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I can’t do either one worth a flip. So I reside in my own speshall world.

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