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What would you get high on if you did not have drugs, booze, or prescription meds?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) June 10th, 2011

If you did not have illegal drugs to use, prescription meds, or alcohol what would you use to get a high or buzz on with if you desired such in the first place?

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Hiking, bicycling, fucking! skateboarding, doing adrenaline junkie stuff like skydiving, diving off cliffs, racing cars or dirt bikes, rock climbing, bombing walls or billboards with graffiti, and kayaking or rafting gnarly rivers.

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Jasmine cologne on the neck of my sweetie!

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Giving my partner multiple orgasms. I fucking love that.

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real experience. life.

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Marzipan. Wow, I love that stuff!
When I smell & taste it my pubes spring out to attention….yes i’m that mad! ;¬}

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10 pounds of coffee and a “my first chemisty set”.

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Exercising, listening to music, singing, expressing gratitude, forgiving people, recalling happy times, looking at great photographs, hugging, touching, making out…

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Eddie Izzard
My boyfriend’s wonderful hugs
Runs in the park

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Exercise, music, laughter, and sex

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I’d hyperventilate once in a while for the thrill of it! Killing snakes can get a person pretty high, too, as Chocolate knows!

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He must mean frogs

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@Dutchess_III Yeah, the frog that @tom_g is talking about.

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Ah! OK. Schrooms then!

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Mexican dramamine? Does that count as “not a drug?” Definitely fucking then.

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Climbing man made structures. I did that a lot as a teen. You can get a damn good rush out of that.

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@buster @Symbeline I think this is right up both of your alley, Just make sure you have an airbag and good insurance, though it won’t help Woooo hoooo hooo!

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@Hypocrisy_Central Your video is magnificent, awesome and impressive. However, I would never do this. I will not defy nature itself. I can only tackle what man has created. El Camino del Rey is totally up my alley. :D

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@Symbeline You definately don’t want to go hiking there with the kids. You do want to take your Nikon though. I was half expecting to see Ace Ventura up there in a monestery…...

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Or Indiana Jones.

I don’t have kids though, so it’s all good.

If I ever did trek that place out, I may never have kids though…XD

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Helium / ammonia ... well maybe a few more others ^^

[ except the obvious adrenaline / sex / food ]

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Can one actually get stoned from helium? O_o

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