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Is there a reason why farmers wouldn't sell their fruit? (details)

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) June 12th, 2011

I was at the farmers market today, and there was a lady who wouldn’t sell her blackberries to us. I was with my family and we are hispanic but we didn’t think that rascism was the issue.

So, as I went up to buy blackberries, the lady asked me where I had bought my blueberries in the market. I had told her from a lady a down the strip. She said she wouldnt sell me the blackberries because I had bought blueberries from somewhere else. So I thought. Then she shoo’d us off.

I have been thinking about this since I got home. Is there a reason why I couldnt’t get those blackberries? Because I had tried a small sample and it was delicious. It was kind of bizzare.

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Another peculiar berry farmer . . .

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Weird, berry weird.

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She said she wouldnt sell me the blackberries because I had bought blueberries from somewhere else.

That’s your reason. What could be clearer? Next time either hide your blueberries or buy all your berries at the same stand or apologize and tell her you’re sorry and will make sure never to repeat the mistake.

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I wouldn’t apologize. I would ignore the woman in the future. Or show her all the stuff you buy from the people “who weren’t rude to me”. Wait, no I wouldn’t start a market feud, I would ignore her.

At the farmers market today I bought snap peas and kohlrabi and some spearmint plants I hope will overrun the underutilized part of my garden

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Very weird. I would complain to the market’s management.

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That is the most ridiculous story. Was one of them a Hatfield and the other a McCoy? What the hell.

In case you don’t know that is a famous feud between two families in the American South.

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Sounds like the farmer has some crazy type of feud going on with the seller of the blueberries. She’s not going to get much business, if she keeps up this “business model.” Next time it happens, you should find out who is in charge of the whole farmer’s market and voice a complaint. This is bad business practice.

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Get bags for your stuff and don’t let people see what you bought next time, she wanted you to buy all your berries from her not spreading the wealth around. She probably knew who the person was and didn’t want them to get the business.

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I’d make a point of never stopping by her stand for anything again. I’d make a point of buying something from every single stand around hers!

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@gailcalled , I had my blueberries in a bag, behind me. First of all, why would it matter where I got my blueberries? It’s none of her business. Why would she care? And, what if I didn’t want her blueberries? Her’s were very dirty and didn’t look appetizing. I don’t know. Maybe I’m overthinking this.

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@blueberry kid:

You asked only what her thinking was and then you told us. In the context of your question, why she cared is irrelevant. At the time you said that you did want her blueberries, dirty and unappetizing or not.

I… tried a small sample and it was delicious
She said she wouldnt sell me the blackberries because I had bought blueberries from somewhere else

There are certainly other issues raises here, but they are spin-offs from your original inquiry.
Don’t muddy your thinking and your debating skills.

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Im sorry! *****she said weeping***

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That seemed an unnecessarily harsh as well as a confusing criticism, @gailcalled, There’s no problem with @blueberry_kid‘s logic. I think you misread her post as she never said she wanted the dirty blueberries, why would she? She already had perfectly lovely berries in her possession.

The blackberry witch is clearly in the wrong. She may have been offended that you bought from a competitor but that’s the way markets go. Customers buy what they like as they move through the stalls and have no way of knowing what will be available from a distant vendor. Why on earth would you apologize to somebody with dreadful customer service skills who doesn’t want your business?
It’s preposterous.

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If she’s too good to sell to you, then stuff her…

What I would do is loudly complain as you walk away… Not to the seller, but to no one in particular.. just so that random shoppers that may decide to buy from her hear it…. But that’s just me being spiteful, I guess.

Either way, it’s a lost sale to her. You can most likely find blackberries somewhere else, and probably even at a better rate.

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