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Has anyone had this experience with tarot?

Asked by rOs (3531points) June 14th, 2011

It all started when I got very interested in tarot cards a couple weeks ago. I began practicing tarot readings and the results have been uncanny. I was so inspired, I just had to know more.

Whilst researching the tarot; I started to get very interested in different belief systems and culture. I became absorbed in the meanings of ancient symbols, images, history, and other lore. It resonated with me on a primal level. Now I have a new found respect for the power of symbolism.

This led me to research Quantum mechanics, which could explain some of the most elegant and inexplicable processes of life, even consciousness itself. It occurred to me that this spooky action at a distance could possibly even explain psychic abilities. As it turns out, I’m not the first to make this connection.

Since I’ve started grappling with this information, there has been a notable difference in my being. The rate at which I’ve been absorbing information lately has led me to believe I could be remembering past knowledge, not learning new stuff. Spooky!

Has anyone had a similar awakening? Do you have any alternate theories on what is happening here?

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I’ve been reading tarot cards for about 16 years. I read for myself, for friends, and for strangers. I’ve been told by friends and strangers that my readings are accurate.

If you are looking for more information along the lines of symbolism, this book is invaluable. The author Angeles Arrien is a leading scholar on the subject especially as it relates to tarot.

Personally, I don’t believe that the symbolism is written in our DNA. Nor do I believe that we interact on a quantum level. (I have to say that I did not read your links in full.) I think the symbolism is learned.

It’s interesting that you say you’re absorbing knowledge is different. Bravo. You’ve possibly opened a door to a part of yourself that you had not known before. Where is the ability coming from? I don’t know.

I would like to give you a few examples of some of the odd things that have happened with me using tarot cards. I was attending a psychic learning circle with tarot and different people would come before the group to ask a single question. I shuffled my deck for the first person very thoroughly card over and under card and by the traditional shuffling method. I repeated this to get a good clean shuffle. I then cut the cards to reveal a single one. This single card gave me information, which I didn’t think worthy to share.

I then thoroughly shuffled my cards again using the same very lengthy method to obtain a clean mixture. I cut the cards to reveal the exact card that I had seen the first time. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, so you can figure the odds. What was remarkable was that this happened to me no less than 3 separate times that evening on 3 separate questions.

I have since experienced this phenomenon for myself on various occasions on many different topics for my own readings and for others. I have seen the same card appear in the same position of a reading after many days. (I keep a tarot journal of readings and can accurately check.)

I do not pretend to know how tarot works, but I know that it does.

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Personally, I agree that there is something greater at work than just science. However, I felt it was important to provide some evidence about how it could be explained, though.

Quantum mechanics is where science and philosophy start to merge. Einstein called quantum physics “spooky action at a distance”. The implications of entanglement challenge how scientist’s think the world works… so don’t let the sciency label deter you from believing what you know to be true.

It could be that our minds are constantly “feeling” out in to our world and relaying information to our sub-conscious. I believe this hidden information being processed in our minds all of the time; maybe we must pay close enough attention, or know how to look.. Perception is everything, right?

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I think Tarot is really an interesting tool for both self discovery and social practice. Personally, I prefer Medicine Cards but the symbolism is similar.

I’ll bring them out sometimes when I have people over whom I don’t know well and use them as an ice-breaker. Practicing cold-reading is really valuable. You pick up a lot about people from their body-language and words and you can amaze them by choosing a few cards and using your interpretation to describe them.

I’ve even taken my deck to my therapist’s office and done a reading for her. That session was not about me. (I still had to pay though. hmmm)

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I’m a novice at tarot, but I have done enough to truly believe. I like the theory, and certainly agree that tarot helps us connect with the universal subconscious. I believe that there is something within every person that connects him with every other person. I believe that this is why, as I do more tarot readings they become more accurate.

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Tarot, numerology, astrology, I ching.. All of these are props.. Props to awaken the abilities within you.. You start practicing with an open mind on any of these, including parenology, palmestry and other so-called occultist beliefs, you may begin to notice a coorelation to the event and the prediction.. With practice, it increases. Eventually you can set these props to the side because now your realization has emerged within you.. It may take years to acquire the full awakening so just keep using the prop that brings out your best and it will eventually happen, just don’t give up or lose faith.. The reason we can’t discover the scientific proof (of the esoteric) is that science is trying to physically prove what is absolutely spiritual in nature. That’s like trying to solidify a ghost.

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Any number of alternate theories abound…

Which thoughts have you had that you think are “past thoughts”?

(Yes, I’m a skeptic on this, but I’m also open-minded to the possibility. But, in my normal way, I need data.)

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With all the hoopla of those believing they were once kings, queens and noblemen, it kinda takes the air out of those who may remember when they were a peasant who died from the black plague. I did have a ‘vision’ about my wife though, In a picture that I inadvertantly came upon (that really took me into another life) I was sent back to a time when I was vying for her love but getting nowhere (I recall it was a very long time ago) then she told me, “Not in this life” and I took it as, ‘maybe next time’ and now I believe that “next time” arrived because when I came out of the trance? I sensed she was the same person from my vision.. Different face, different person but the same spirit (soul).. Very strange.

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while reading this reply, it might help if you listen to this.

@roundsquare, this is one of the hardest things for me describe, so I’ll be writing in free form. Take from it what you will. Here goes…

It’s easy to dismiss accounts of past-life memory as Déjà vu, which is commonly seen as nothing special. The problem comes in discerning our imagination from real memory; then figuring out if the memory is from the current or past life. There is more to it than that, and it gets very complicated as the more you try to define my “source”, the further you get from what it is in the first place. I’m only so sure of a “source” at all because of my experience and perception which I can only begin to describe…

Kids go in and out of reality all of the time. This seems like, and may be, imagination, but what if their ‘imaginary friend’ is some personality from their past/future.. or what if their vivid account of some far-fetched story has some truth to it? The reason kids do this is because they don’t keep themselves anchored in the Now as much as adults do.. When I finallly realized and understood this.. I had a vision that my essence was in a place of light with what felt like a council of helpful, nameless, yet familiar spirits in the form of intention and energy. They surrounded me with assurance, possibility, knowing, and most of all love. This place/feeling was so profound that it obliterated all preconceptions from my being, and redefined (or maybe undefined) the depth of my nature. It was the closest I’ve ever felt to truth. This was an existence without time or space- my source for knowledge.

I know that something is important when it harks back to that powerful feeling, whether it be past, present, or future. It feels kind of like a reminder (of who and/or what I am)... or a wake-up call (depending on how mindful I’m being at the time).

It is often triggered from looking into people’s eyes, especially those who also get it. It happens as a silent communication, which if you think about it, some people do all the time.
Once, I was watching my girlfriend just sleep, just looking at her beautiful face, and I got the feeling like I was being watched back. I had a ‘memory’ then, and it almost made me cry. It was like I suddenly remembered how much I had loved her. I also remember there was something about what has kept us apart for so long, I just can’t place it, like the whole fogged mirror thing. Echoes of this feeling were in other lovers, but never as strong. Maybe I have always been looking for the same person, and have just been finding different pieces of her in my search. I get very strong “psychic” feelings around my current girl, who I am sure is my soul mate :)

Other clues come all of the time; they come in combinations of other evocative sensations marked by a feeling of Ah Ha! (like I’ve been smelling of cinnamon, wind, coffee, and mountains lately for some reason). I believe the only reason people hold on to reason so much, is because they can’t wrap their heads around the truth of things. It is much easier to think things are simple, but I know that whatever it is, is in all of us. So, when thirty women and two guys all claim to have been Joan of Arc in a past life, maybe they are all right, because we all share the same matter. When someone says they feel like they’ve met me before, they have. Just maybe not in this life time.

We all get these feelings of truth; sometimes it is just the feeling of floating, or the hairs on the back of our souls stand up… but I know that there is something we all tap in to sometimes.

That was my attempt at explaining the unexplainable. Ask me this question seven different times, and you’ll get seven different answers. I can only say that I am being truthful and honest about my interpretation, understanding is up to you :)

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@rOs Thanks for the info. I’ll think about it some more. (I’m not sure I’ll ever agree… but given the way you’ve discussed it, I should at least give this first instinct time to simmer…).

I went back and re-read your original post and I just want to point out one thing: even if everything else you say is true, the quantum mechanics connection is very sketchy. The reason is that everything you’ve read about quantum mechanics is wrong (unless you’re an amazing mathematician who can understand all the real math in it). Not that they are lying to you in the books, but because human language does not capture what happens in quantum mechanics. Language is built on the experience of people and people don’t experience the kinds of thinks that quantum mechanics talks about. E.g. we never experience the idea that the better know an object’s position, the less well we know its velocity. Phrases like “action at a distance” are just, at best, first approximations of what quantum mechanics is really talking about.

As before, this could just be my skepticism talking, but I don’t think so for two reasons:
1) Even if the quantum mechanics interpretation is wrong, that doesn’t really disprove what you’re saying. Assuming what you are saying is correct, science has never been able to explain past memories. We’d have to be incredibly lucky to be living at a time when science has done so (though I have heard some talk about science finally “getting it” since its beginning to talk about us all being connected, though I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet).
2) I’ve spent a lot of time with both science and math and seen people mis-interpret things a lot to support something they believe. This happens all the time. I suspect its because we tend to have a split between “science people” and “spiritual people” and the latter group is trying to explain things in terms the former group would prefer (subconsciously in many cases). I suppose its because science has an air of certainty and correctness to it that, as humans, we are drawn to (or, maybe not as humans, but in western society?).

Anyway, if anyone else has a different way to explain this (or just talk about it) I’m all ears (eyes). I’ll try to hold off on any potentially disrespectful statements but I’ve been told I fail at this at times (thus I request that you give me the benefit of the doubt on that).

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@roundsquare No offense taken, it’s a very raw idea. Thanks for the feedback!

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