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What do you call the shapes our thoughts take?

Asked by rOs (3531points) June 9th, 2011

Not everyone is aware that this happens, but it does. When I’m thinking in an almost meditative state, my thoughts become less about words and more about colors and shapes. Someone once told me a name for it, but I’ve forgotten.

If there isn’t a term for it, what words would you use to describe this experience for you?

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Don’t know the word for it ( not “senesthesia” ), but experience it quite often. I also discern “thoughts” at different levels, the lowest level being non-verbal. : )

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Yes. Most of the time thoughts float freely through and as soon as I’m aware of one, I verbalize it internally. I’m aware of that shift from intangible to inner dialog (or monologue) and it’s sometimes annoying to get hung up on the words and the thought gets stuck.

I can’t remember the name but it seems right on the tip of my memory. I’m sure there is one.

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Thoughtforms. Not to be confused with tulpas.

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Oh! This just occurred to me. Should have asked @koanhead

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I guess its 4:20 somewhere….~

Cognitive maybe?

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LOVE your attitude! : D

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We each natively think in concepts and this is then passed through the human body’s brain and voice-box and comes out as words or verbal communication. Have you known what someone was going to say even before it was said? I think we each have done this and it’s because we picked up on this person’s thoughts first..

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Why is this tagged “quantum physics”? ;)

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@Vortico, I used the topic because I believe there are surprising connections between most schools of thought. Quantum entanglement is a principle that could help explain how we are able to have out of body experiences and access hidden information outside of ourselves. I haven’t ruled out the possibility that science and mysticism can agree about lifes mysteries, so I wanted some physicists to get in on this question : )

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@rOs Have you read Hofstadter? If not, I think you might really like Metamagical Themas and Godel, Escher, Bach

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Dont forget about 46 & 2!

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@rOs I believe most physicists would refer you to this article, but after I searched a while on the topic, I found that the idea has a moderately large support of physicists.

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