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How does it really feel to fly a jetfighter?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) June 17th, 2011

I’ve always wondered whenever I see those white streaks in the sky in the morning, how might it feel to pilot and fly one of those supersonic jets. I feel a rush just imagining the thrill since I for one could not bear to ride any rollercoaster. Lol.

Has anyone have a friend who is or was actually a pilot of any jetfigher aircraft? If you don’t its ok, please share whatever you imagine it would feel like too. Thanks! : )

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I used to date a man that did.
He also smoked alot of pot.
He got twice as high for his efforts.;)

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It feels a lot like this.

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geeez, i read that as flying a jellyfighter. nevermind

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You can get a vaguely similar feeling on a roller coaster. The negative and positive G’s experienced are similar, albeit to a much smaller scale, to what fighter pilots feel. Also keep in mind that fighter pilots wear high tech gear and go through intense training to prepare them for the rigors of flying a jet, and even then they have very limited flight times.

I’m pretty sure if you’ve got some cash behind you, you can get a ride on a jet fighter. The old ones are often bought (disarmed of course) by enthusiasts and former pilots.

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Where is @Bluefreedom when we need him? =) He’s in the USAF

I do have an old high school friend who is a pilot. He’s always talking about what an adrenaline rush it is when he flies. He loves his work.

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I imagine it feels a lot like being shat out of King Kong’s arse flaps!

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