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Can someone tell me how to place widgets/photos, etc. on both sides of my blogger page?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) June 17th, 2011

Hoping someone can help with this.

I have a blogspot page that is now converted to a .com. I used the templates, etc. used by blogger to do this. I like them and do not want to change the design as it is really nice and I worked a lot on that. Right now, my template only lets me put widgets/photos etc on the right side of the blog postings. (This would be widgets for outer links, videos, “Previous Postings” lists, etc that are not directly related to that particular posting and stay permanently there while I post.) There is a huge space on the left side that could also be filled with widgets/photos that get buried too far down on the right side.

Any idea how to post widgets on the left side of a blog…so that you have widgets/photos/links on both sides of the
blog entries/blog posting body? And especially how to do this without disturbing the basic design as it stands?

Thanks so much in advance… always!

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This could turn into a CSS mess. And from a usability standpoint I would never do it. There is a reason why sidebars are on the right. We read left to right and something on the left makes it easy to lose your place in the paragraph. Have you ever been reading a book and lost what line you are on? Multiply that by ten and that is what happens when content is on the left of the main text.

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This is probably a question of the template you’re using and it could probably be modified but not without some knowledge of HTML and CSS.

The best thing to do may be just to look for a template that fits what you’re trying to do a little better.

For example, I just did a google search for “3 column blogger templates” and got quite a few results.

Here’s an example. They also have instructions how to use the templates.

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Go to ‘design’ then there you go to ‘template design’... I think thats what its called. Then go to ‘layout’ and there you can see different kinds of layouts and choose the one which has sidebars both on the right and left.

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as @nailpolishfanatic said.. just select a suitable layout from template design

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